About Mediumship

What is Mediumship?
It is the ability to speak with souls who have passed from this world.

What is a reading with me like?
When spirits come to talk, they tend to really focus on happy memories and reminiscing about the good times. They will sometimes impart advice about current events that you are going through, but mostly they seem to want to let their loved one know they are still around, trying to help and connect whenever they can, however they can.

I have capabilities in the 4 major Clairs which are Clairaudience: hearing messages, music and sounds, Clairsentience: feeling sensations, Claircognizance: having information put in my head as if they were thoughts, and Clairvoyance: seeing images and scenes. This is how I receive the information from the energies who come through, and then there is a certain amount of translation that occurs. If I get a symbol that doesn’t make sense to me, or I am unsure of what it means, I will usually tell you what I am receiving and see if it has significance to you. I have, in the past, brought through specific energies, but usually I just let my guide know we want to invite whoever wants to talk, and we see who comes through.

I usually start by identifying the sex and a physical description of who has come to talk. If that doesn’t narrow it down enough, I ask for more identifying features, like personality traits or a way in which they would know you. One of the identifying features energies will use is how they passed, so just be aware of that ahead of time. Sometimes, they will give letters or full names but not consistently. If that still doesn’t help you identify them, I will let them go and try to find another energy to speak with, and start the process over.

I want to make sure you get the most out of the session possible, so I disclose everything that comes through, even if it doesn’t make sense to me, because it could be something only you two shared. Once someone you recognize comes through, questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Preparing for a reading

Just show up with an open mind.  Be excited, but try not to get too anxious ahead of time. Sometimes, asking a specific energy to come through, or thinking about them, will bring them through more easily, but it may not ultimately bring them forward. Just welcome the energies that do come through, and don’t fret if you don’t recognize the first energy. Sometimes, distant relatives come through first. I believe they sometimes do this to help someone more recently passed to connect, but they do usually want to say hi first.

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