About Reiki

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a healing modality which uses a life energy, called ki, that surrounds us all the time. An attuned practitioner can direct that energy to an ailment, situation, anxiety, or many other things.This promotes relaxation and enables the body’s own healing capabilities to work better. Though the practitioner intends where the Reiki should go based on the issue you need help with, ultimately your body decides where the healing is most needed; so, sometimes the healing will work in unexpected ways but exactly how you needed. This practice is perfectly safe and is widely used alongside medical treatment in clinical settings. It can also be used to help children, pets and plants.

Reiki can be helpful in a variety of situations. If you have a big job interview coming up, Reiki can help you be calm and walk in with confidence. If you can’t sleep, it can help with that. If you have anxieties about going to the doctor, driving, or visiting a particular location because of past bad experiences, Reiki can help with that too.
Reiki is also great for clearing the energy of a place that feels heavy or unwelcoming; for instance, if an emotionally charged event has happened in your home, and it feels like the energy of it is still hanging in the air. Clearing the energy of your home with Reiki can help restore comfort and peace to the home, and make it feel lighter.

It can even be used on a particularly problematic relationship you may have with someone. If you and someone else are having trouble seeing eye to eye and conversation always turns into a fight as a result, there is a way through Reiki to restore that communication to a healthy place.

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Reiki cannot guarantee you get a job, a lover, or a big windfall of money. It cannot compel anyone to do anything they don’t want to. It will always act for the greater good of the situation to which it is applied to bring the best possible outcome. The main purpose of Reiki is to promote healing by reducing stress and restoring balance to put you into a better position to face what is causing your anxiety or ailment. The way I see it is, when you face problems from illness to anxiety one of the major hurdles of getting better is stress. If you could remove that barrier, the possibilities of what could be healed or accomplished are endless.

Reiki should never be used in place of medical treatment for serious medical problems. In fact as stated above, it is often used alongside medical care, and that is as it should be. If I feel like the issue you are requesting help with requires medical care, I reserve the right to refuse my Reiki services. If you seek medical treatment, I would be happy to provide Reiki to help it work more effectively.

What does Reiki feel like?
From those that I have given Reiki to, the most common description has been a feeling of peace and relaxation washing over you. I have had many fall asleep during the process. If you are particularly sensitive to energy, you may experience these sensations more strongly. You may also experience tingling, warmth, or pressure occurring in certain areas of the body. If the energetic sensations you feel don’t seem to match up with the issue you requested help with don’t worry; the involvement of the chakras and the control that your body has as to where the energy is most needed may make it feel random. Just relax, and see how you feel after the Reiki is done. If your eyes are closed you may see colors; this most likely relates to the 7 major chakras, as the healing typically works through the chakras.

Something you should know about receiving Reiki from me:
Due to other abilities I have, I will often pick up intuitive information as I am giving Reiki. This is actually quite common and it is usually information related to your health or spiritual well being. It is not a diagnosis of any kind nor would it resemble a full fledged psychic reading. If you schedule a session with me I will leave it entirely up to you as to whether you would like to hear that information or not. If you choose not to, it will in no way impact the effectiveness of the Reiki. If you would like even more information about your spiritual well being, check out my Energy Scan Reading service.

What is Distance Reiki?
While Reiki is often done in person, this can also be done from a distance, because Reiki is simply the intention of available energy to a specific need. All my Reiki will be provided at a distance unless there are special circumstances involved. The wonderful thing about distance Reiki, however, is that it can be administered in a variety of ways that can fit any schedule. I am able to set it to start at a specific time, so if you are requesting it for help with sleep or a particularly stressful event, I can set it to start just before that so that its effect is working as you try to fall asleep or as you walk into the event. If you aren’t entirely sure when you will need it, it can be queued. That would mean that you decide when the Reiki starts. Many will wait until they have at least 20 minutes to themselves to rest in a quiet room to receive the Reiki, but if it is for a specific event you can activate it just before you walk into the event. It can also be given in real time, if that is what you prefer. I can even get on the phone with you if you would like to know the sensations I am picking up in real time.

In Summary:
I was trained and attuned to Reiki some years ago now, and it has enabled me to help people, animals, and even my own children. I love its gentle way of working, the peace it brings, the relaxation, the clear headedness. I love to help people, and for me this has been a way to help people when I felt there was no other way for me to help.

In all the studies done on it, there was one very important fact revealed. It has never hurt anyone; it causes no damage to the person receiving it. Reiki can help with the vast and varying troubles we all face every day. It can give you a clear head and replace the stress with positivity and healing. I wish it could cure the horrible diseases we contend with today, and perhaps there are some that would say that it could. I skew on the skeptical side of things, believe it or not, but I also believe that anything is possible.

I do know that having your mind in a place that is balanced and relieved of stress can work absolute wonders for so many situations, especially healing, and even in situations where healing is not an option, it can provide peace and enable you to truly enjoy your last days with love and gratitude. I believe there is a reason that despite lack of evidence, it is used in cancer treatment centers and hospice organizations across the world. Many have felt the impact of Reiki and its healing effects; many have benefited. If you’d like to find out for yourself, then book a session with me or another practitioner. Just please keep your mind open, because as my teacher Dr. Alice Langholt says “You don’t have to believe in it; you just have to be open to it.”

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