Testimonials for Reiki

Even though I was skeptical at first, I was very impressed by how much the Reiki helped me. I have received help from Maureen with Reiki and it helped me tremendously. I will definitely continue reaching out to her anytime I need help.She is a super professional and passionate about what she does. -Yolanda M.

I have received Reiki from Maureen several times and each time l have a positive, relaxing experience and the energy seems to go exactly where l need it to go. Maureen provides such intuitive insight on what she picks up on which, l truly appreciate. -Catherine H.

I often find Maureen’s Reiki application to have a soothing, calming resonance throughout my mind and body. Depending on your mindset going in, the act of receiving Reiki can be beneficial, even in just knowing that someone is thinking and caring deeply for you in that moment. my favorite thing about receiving Reiki from Maureen is the feeling of being ultimately loved and cared for. -Jenny

Your Reiki It puts me in a relaxed state that makes it easier to interact with difficult people. I am at total peace! -Nicole

I’ve never gone into a Reiki session with any preconceived notions simply because having those ideas, I think, can shape your experiences. So in my case, the feelings I got from Reiki have always come in shifts. What I mean by shifts are: changes in my outlook, reduction in stress, the feeling as if I wasn’t floating hopelessly but was on solid ground, weighted by own strength. When I would close my eyes during, several things occurred me. 1. It was almost as if my breathing was being amplified in my head, as if something was urging me to pay more attention to it, to let it wash over me, to be in the moment. I also saw colors in shifts, purples, reds and browns. These colors seemed to aid in my comfort – not wholly sure why. Ive also had surges of emotions – emotions that perhaps I had been bottling up for some reason or another, they took hold of me, but not aggressively. The urges to cry were strong. If I had to guess it was because that was the release I had been avoiding. -Brian