Free third eye chakra reading with Intuition Reiki!

Have you been unsure on how exactly you receive messages from the Universe? There are 4 major Clairs, as they are called. Most people have one clair that is the strongest, but can also build up the others.

Claircognizance or clear knowing, this is when you just know something is true even if you have no reason you should know. For example, you say something is conversation and the other person says “How did you know that?” and you can’t provide an adequate reason for having known.

Clairaudience or clear hearing, this is when you hear words, phrases, music or other sounds in your head (usually not with your ears) that brings useful information. For example, if you are talking to someone and hear the birthday song and then find out it is indeed their birthday.

Clairsentience or clear feeling, this is when you are in a place, situation or with someone and can feel a sensation or emotion. For example, you feel sadness and find out your friend just had something bad happen, or you feel danger and a moment later a fight breaks out.

Claircognizance or clear seeing, this is when a picture pops into your head about something and it turns to be true. For example, if a friend says “I met this person” and a picture of a wedding cake pops in your head and then they end up getting married later.

One of the hardest things with using these types of skills is confidence and misconceptions about how they work. They are typically so subtle that you don’t even realize it is happening, and often times you pass it off as astuteness, like how well you know your friend, or how obvious it was that a fight would break out etc.

Well if you’ve ever wanted to receive these messages more clearly, then Intuition Reiki may be the thing for you! This will clear your third eye chakra of blocks and biases so you can receive those messages more clearly.

As an additional feature, I will now include a third eye reading at no extra charge. With the help of my guides I will look into your third eye chakra (this is the chakra where this information is received) and find out which of these 4 clairs is the strongest and give you tips on how to foster their growth. After the Reiki is done I will notify you and send the report to your email.

To book a session follow this link, there is a $40 charge for the Reiki but the report is included for free!

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