Additional Thoughts on Clairaudience (CA) and growing your abilities

We have all seen and heard multiple stories and depictions about what CA is supposed to look like, or feel like and of course sound like. The truth of the matter is, it is different for different people. The other truth is that it can change and grow. You may hear it in your ear as an audible sound, and if so that is great. You may be one like me who hears it in their head 99% of the time, and that is great too. If you are a very social person and an audiophile, like I am, you may want this to be your strongest ability. This may be your perfect version of what a psychic ability would be. Having someone telling you the answers into your ear directly seems more tangible and believable. It may give you more faith in what you are receiving as being true. I don’t experience it this specific way, so unfortunately I can’t tell you whether this is true or not, but try not to forget that your ego, emotions, and interpretation can have an impact on any messages you receive. 

I am strongest in Claircognizance (CC) which has its own set of pitfalls which I will discuss in that future Focus piece. I have at times received messages when I was not deliberately tuned in to my guides and in hindsight was feeling pretty emotional, that felt very much like the ones I receive when I am tuned in and focused. I was sure it was true and then it wasn’t. It can be frustrating. Your feelings about a situation can influence how you interpret the message. This is why it is important to have focus. Meditate daily, even for 5 minutes. Get used to reaching that balanced, quiet part of your mind. It can be very hard at first but keep doing it and eventually you will find that quiet (or at least quieter) place in your mind. If you believe you have received a message at a random time when you weren’t focused on doing so, and feel unsure, you can check in with your guides to verify. Find a place to focus, calm, and center yourself and ask for verification.

As you go on and work with these abilities more, it will become easier to find that focus. That doesn’t mean you will reach perfection, there is always a chance you will misinterpret or not be able to get the connection you want, so patience is key. Have patience with yourself, and give yourself permission to make mistakes because you will learn from those experiences. Celebrate your successes, this will sow more success. Eventually you will find the balance that works for you, don’t lose faith in that. 

One of my favorite things about CA are those times when I am having a rough day, I am facing a difficult situation, and I am ready to give up, and I suddenly hear “Don’t Back Down” by Tom Petty play in my head or something similar. The supportive messages from our guides are so fulfilling and reassuring. Moments like that let us know that they always want us to reach our full potential and they are supporting us. Being able to help others with these abilities is an amazing feeling and one that keeps me on track with learning and growing but I also believe everyone should try it for themselves. Even if it is not your purpose or desire to do readings, just being connected for your own benefit is wonderful. It can remind us that the universe is supporting us to find and achieve our passion and purpose, whatever that may be.

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