Focus on Feeling: Clairsentience

This is part two in a four part content series that will cover ways to play so you can focus and strengthen your Clairs. 

In case you aren’t aware of the four Clairs or want a bit more information about them, here is a quick rundown. 
Clairsentience(CS), or clear feeling is when you feel sensations or emotions from people or situations that gives you information or insight. 

Claircognizance(CC) or clear knowing is when information pops in your head like a thought that provides information or insight but there is no way you could have known that information.

Clairvoyance(CV) or clear seeing is when you see pictures, symbols, images, or even scenes in your head that tell you about a situation or person that gives you information or insight. 

Clairaudience(CA) or clear hearing is when you hear a word, song or sound that gives you information or insight.

This episode will be about Clairsentience which we will abbreviate to CS. I absolutely love CS because it can help you in so many ways. Have you ever been somewhere and you get this feeling inside that something is going to happen and then a fight breaks out? Have you ever met someone that was highly talked up but they just gave you an unsettled feeling? These are ways that CS can help and protect you. CS is also good for yes no questions when you are in need of  quick guidance but we will get back to that. Generally how it works is, you get a feeling or sensation spontaneously that will give you guidance. There are many phrases in our vernacular that seem to allude to CS (I.E. my stomach dropped, my heart felt like it was overflowing or I had a feeling…) those types of things. It is my suspicion that this is why (though I didn’t research this) we call our emotions feelings sometimes. 

I think these exercises could really help you amplify this ability and they are a lot of fun! So the first exercise would be to draw yourself a bath. You can make whatever typical choices you would temperature wise and additives, though I do think bubble bath could add a layer of fun and sensation to this. Get in the bath and let yourself feel all the sensations. The warmth of the water, the fluffy bubbles (if you went that way), and just the general comfort, even luxury of this time to yourself. Now I want you to play a little. Make waves in your bath and feel that sensation, how the movement of the water feels on your skin, how the rhythm slows as the waves diminish, how the water level feels when it is moving up and down on the parts of you that are not submerged. Next, take your hand and completely submerge it, then slowly pull it out of the water. Do this as slowly as you can and notice the movement of the water line against your skin. How the part of your hand out of the warm water feels when the colder air hits it. You can even wiggle your fingers under the water, then out of the water to notice the difference. Get creative! Try to think of other ways to play in the water to make sensations for you to examine. Have fun!

The next exercise can be done whenever you are watching a movie, listening to music or appreciating any artform that brings up emotions. When you are enjoying whatever beautiful art you have chosen and your emotions start to pique, and it does not really matter if they are happy or sad, in fact trying this with both groups of emotions is recommended but not necessary. When the emotion starts welling up inside you let it happen and just try to notice the way it feels not just emotionally but physically. When you are sad do you tense up? If you cry do you physically feel something releasing inside you? When you are happy do you feel an expansion feeling? Do you feel the joy inside of you trying to get out in the form of noise or action? If you get angry do you feel a scream rising up inside you? Does it feel prickly or heavy? Try to feel whatever emotion comes up. Allow it to come but try to observe its effects in your skin, throat, stomach, head, arms, legs…well you get the idea.

There are many ways to use CS to navigate tough situations, but also find joy. When you are wandering around town and feel a pull toward something let it pull you there. If you are repelled then leave that situation. Fine tuning this ability can tell you whether it is the place or a specific person making you feel what you feel, even if nothing happens to clarify it.

The exercise for Yes/No I like to do is this. If you are comfortable with being touched by things you cannot see it works very well. Now when I say touched I don’t mean the feeling of a finger or hand, for me it feels like a slight pressure or sensation. Something like a warm glow. I do not mind it but others may not be so excited to do it. If you think it will make you uncomfortable keep reading for another way my intuitive teacher recommends. For my exercise I will say to my guides “Touch my right cheek for yes and my left cheek for no.” Then I will ask qualifying questions to make sure we are on the same page. These are questions you already know the answers to, for example, Do I live in a house? If you do they should touch your right, if you do not, left. I usually ask 2 to 3 of these to make sure we are all on the same page, then I ask my questions that need answers. If you have ever tried using a pendulum this may sound familiar but with a twist.

As I said in my previous post about CA your emotions can affect the results you get so make sure you have relaxed, cleared your mind, and centered yourself before starting. If having something touch your face that you cannot see does not appeal to you then try this method I learned from Reverend E.A. Kerty instead. Ask your questions and see how they feel. If you feel an expansion or a positive feeling from that question, that is a yes. If you feel contraction, tension or a negative feeling, it is a no. Either method is simple and can be done by anyone with even the slightest CS ability and the more you practice the stronger it will get.

CS is an ability I have had for a long time. It has tipped me off to bad situations arising, it has precognitively broken bad news to me, and it has prevented certain bodily harm. Feeling your stomach drop when someone tells you good news is not a good feeling, but not being harmed in a violent incident is awesome. As with any of these abilities, or anything in life for that matter, there are good points and not so good points. CS does come up frequently not only in readings, but also in my Reiki practice. It does requires interpretation in some cases which can be tricky but it is mostly straight forward in day to day use.

An important thing to remember is that you should trust your instincts if something gives you a bad feeling and you can get away do it and do not let anyone pressure you into staying in the situation. It is most likely your guides trying to save you from ,at least, a lot of trouble but more importantly, your feelings matter don’t be afraid to listen to them and honor them. ~  

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