You can use Reiki for that?!

Reiki is a fairly well known healing technique. It is used often in clinics that treat pain, cancer, and even for hospice patients. You may have even heard it can also be used for animals for the same reasons, pain, illness and anxiety. Those are wonderful uses for Reiki and really do help those that receive it, but there are many other uses for it that may not be known. For instance, did you know that if you have a big presentation at work and you fear you are too nervous to do a good job you could use Reiki for that? Now there could be an inexhaustible list of ways Reiki could help you, but how about we just start with a few.

Sleep– If you have been having issues falling asleep, or staying asleep and aren’t eager to or can’t take medicine for it, you could try Reiki. Reiki relaxes the body and activates its own healing power so if there is a physical or even mental issue keeping you from deep and restorative sleep Reiki may be the way to go.

Disagreements between friends or family– If you and someone you love have had a falling out and just can’t seem to find the even ground to talk it through, Reiki can help with that. When we are bonded to people we form energetic cords with them. When we fight that can cause damage to these cords. Through the energy used in Reiki though (Universal life energy or Ki) these cords can be healed. This healing is called a Karmic Band Healing*. Once that happens, the door is open for a conversation that can get you back to the happy times.

Location specific anxiety– While Reiki can help for general anxiety, in this case I’m thinking of the kind of experience that makes you literally afraid to return to a specific place. Where you the victim of a car accident and now are terrified to drive on that stretch of road? Or even get in a car? There is a healing technique in Reiki called Crystalline Healing*. It’s given in two sessions at least a day apart and the idea is that when you had that traumatic experience a crystal formed in your energy. These crystals can be dissolved with this healing and help relieve the long lasting pain or emotional baggage that accompanies such a trauma.

Houses, Rooms, pretty much any space you occupy regularly– You know how it feels to walk into your home after a long day at work. The relief, like a weight has been lifted off of you. This is where you are comfortable and can be yourself, well it probably didn’t feel that way the very first time you walked in there. It’s from the happy times you have spent there and the energy you built within that space. Now imagine you just moved into a new place and the air feels stale, and maybe the energy there even makes you a bit antsy. 

If the energy from the previous occupants was full of conflict, sadness or any negative emotion, that energy may still be hanging around. Reiki can cleanse that space and make room for your new happy energy. The great thing is you can do it in just about any space you occupy regularly. Everyone at work been grumpy lately? Cleanse it with Reiki. Did you and your BFF have a big fight in your car and you think of it every time you get in? Cleanse it with Reiki. Well, you get the idea.

Plants– Reiki can bring your favorite houseplant back from the edge, or get your garden growing. I have used Reiki on plants with great results. All it takes is Reiki intended to address the problem the plant is experiencing. Just like with humans and animals. Check out this photo:

After my friends tomato plant didn’t produce any tomatoes all summer I sent it some Reiki and a few days later it produced its first tomato of the season better late than never!

So if you have been interested or even just curious about Reiki I hope this post sheds some light on the various things it can do to improve your life. If you would like to try it for yourself Schedule an appointment now!

The method of Reiki I practice is called Practical Reiki. It was developed from Kundalini Reiki (with permission) by Dr. Alice Langholt my awesome teacher! Crystalline Reiki and Karmic Band Healing are healings I learned under this program.

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