Why I love Practicing Reiki

When describing Reiki I tend to use words like gentle, subtle, relaxing because those are good words for it. It eases you into whatever you are seeking it for. When it’s for pain, the pain just kind of melts away. When it’s for confidence, it brings on a feeling of self love and security, you feel safe and comfortable somewhere you wouldn’t normally. When your seeking calm it’s more like a mellow feeling. The worries are still there, you don’t forget them entirely, they just don’t seem as big a deal. I like this because I know if the situation gets hairy, I haven’t completely lost myself. In fact, subduing that anxiety would help me act more clearly. 

It isn’t a zonked out feeling, though it does a handy job of getting me to sleep when that is its intention, but when I use it for clarity, confidence, focus or any of the other wakeful things I need to do I’m still me. I’m just better. 

On the occasion that I get to attend a Reiki share, this is when multiple Reiki practitioners take turns on the Reiki table while the rest of us give Reiki, I am absolutely blissful afterward. If I do it before work I get comments about what a good mood I am in that night. Almost nothing can break that mood. 

Sometimes I will set Reiki to activate later when I have an event happening. I love that it comes on so subtly for that, because rather than focusing on the Reiki feeling on top of everything else that might be happening, instead I just settle in to my surroundings and at some point realize the Reiki is at work. Usually that is when I am wondering why I’m not more nervous and think ‘Oh yeah, the Reiki!’. 

Reiki in my opinion possesses a quiet power, but don’t get me wrong, I have seen it do amazing things and I have heard amazing feedback from Reiki I have given to others. Through these experiences I have learned that it doesn’t have to be loud, obvious, or dramatic to know that it works. That all of us have the wisdom to use that energy in amazing and efficient ways. I say all of us because Reiki is driven by the higher self of whoever is receiving it. I may intend one thing but your body may know the greater cause of the problem and heal that instead. Ultimately the receiver is in control of how it works because who knows you better than you?

Reiki is a practice rooted in love. That is why I was drawn to learn it and that it why I continue to practice it. I can’t go to my friends work presentation, but I can send Reiki so that I know she will be confident while she gives it. I can’t go with my husband to his important appointment but I can send Reiki to help his travel there be safe and swift. I love that I can help situations that I wouldn’t have been able to before. I love that I can help others with this skill and I love seeing its amazing effects.

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