Music Divination

Have you ever been going through something incredibly difficult in your life, and you get in your car, and the song on the radio is exactly what you needed to hear? Maybe, it wasn’t even the song but a particular line that popped out at you, that emerged from an otherwise silly song. I love it when that happens since I am an avid music fan. One day, I decided to try to ask for a message. I ended up developing this method to get requested guidance from my favorite music. Following this process, I have received great insight into some of the most harrowing situations in my life. Just to be clear, it doesn’t magically fix the situation, but it will provide you the clarity and perspective you have perhaps been missing or even dismissing. It’s also great if you are feeling a bit lost and want some insight, but nothing serious is going on. 

If you have a vast music library available to you on a digital player or a favorite radio station then I wanted to tell you how I do it, in case it could help you too. I call it music divination. If something is weighing heavily on my mind I will use this method to provide insight, and it’s a good excuse to relax to some of my favorite music, which in my opinion is a healing activity in and of itself. This is how I do it, but you can use whatever process you think will work best for you. Keep the music off until you get to step 3 for the best results:

  1. Figure out what you most want or need to know in reference to what is weighing on your mind. This most likely will not be an exact answer method, but more like receiving good advice and perspectives you never considered before. 
  2. Get yourself centered, calm, and receptive. Take a minute or two to breathe. Try to think of positive things like what you are grateful for in your life to raise your vibration. Once you feel relatively calm, ask about your issue. This statement may work well for you, but use whatever feels comfortable, “Please send me guidance through the music on/about X.”
  3. If you are using a playlist, put it on random, and start the music, or switch your radio to a station you like that plays songs you know. You could use songs you don’t know, but it may require more digging to get the message.
  4. Listen to the music that comes on, but also notice the way it makes you feel. There may be certain lines that stick out to you or just the energy of the music could bring you comfort and expansion to widen your perspective. Try not to over-analyze, focus more on being in a receptive state. It could just be the feeling the music stirs up in you that you need at that moment.
  5. You will most likely know when the message has been received. I usually get 1 to 2 songs but have gotten up to 3 songs that really provide the insight I needed. When you feel the message is done, try to recognize what lines/lyrics stuck out the most and the general feeling you got from the songs you heard. 

Here are a few additional tips that will make it work even better for you:

  1. It works best with songs you know- you don’t have to know the song word for word, but the more familiar you are the better you will be able to receive the message
  1. Don’t skip songs no matter how silly or out of place they seem- on our digital players we all have songs we don’t enjoy the way we used to or downloaded on a whim or because it was free. This doesn’t disqualify it from carrying a message for you.
  1. You can look up lyrics after if you don’t know them all but you probably won’t have to. In my experiences with this exercise the words you need to hear come through very clearly.
  1. If I turn on the radio and it is near the end of the song I don’t always take that as a message. I try to give some leeway for things that are already playing and listen out for the next song to start but it can happen that quickly sometimes so don’t dismiss or ignore it either.
  1. The worst result you could get if it doesn’t seem to work is that you listened to some music that you enjoyed and your mind got a mini-vacation from focusing on the problem at hand.

I believe that there are messages out there for us all the time, and asking for them is a good way to get them. I also believe that if there is something like music that you really connect with then use that to make the connection. If you give your guides an indication of what will work they are happy to use it. It may even increase instances of it happening randomly as well, once they know that is a good way to reach you. Ultimately though, don’t forget to just enjoy the music you love, and recognize its healing effect on your life.

**In order to prepare writing this article, I did my own experiment; though I have done this many times before, I wanted a fresh experience to draw from. I asked for general guidance, and the first song that came on was a Kool and The Gang song I had heard maybe once before. I believe it was called Let’s Go Dancing, this was the first album I downloaded on my new (at the time) MAC computer close to 20 years ago. It was a very happy go lucky song, generally celebratory, as Kool and The Gang tend to be, but this line stuck out to me (copied from online lyrics page) “Went down to the park

Everything was dark, oh, yeah, yeah, all of a sudden

On came the lights

And everything was feeling right”

I enjoyed the rest of the song, but I knew this was my message. I interpreted it as I may be feeling a little bit lost or in the dark on some things but soon the “lights” will come on and everything will become clear and feel right. It was just the message I needed! Give it a try and see what you come up with. If you feel comfortable, put a comment below with your results!

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