Meet some of my Intuitive Cards!

On a recent creative whim, I decided to make my own cards for readings. I enjoy reading cards but sometimes struggle with predetermined meanings.  I decided to make my own cards. Ones that contain my own concepts as well as general ones. Most importantly I wanted to leave room for intuitive information to come through. So I channeled the phrases on the cards through my guides, bedecked them with my elementary school level of artwork, and even bought laminating sleeves to preserve them. There are currently 30 cards but I have a feeling I will soon be compelled to make more. Hopefully, I don’t end up with 100 or more cards when it is all said and done, though I easily could.

The first card I will discuss is Coffee Talk. The meaning of this card, to me, is that there is a potentially difficult discussion you know you need to have with someone. Something seems out of character for them and has been on your mind for a while, some behavior that someone you love has exhibited that has you concerned. You want to help them if they need help, but you aren’t even sure they can see their damaging behavior. This calls for coffee, or tea, or even hot chocolate!

You are reaching out to them as a friend, from a place of love. The setting should be calm, comfortable, and private. You want them to feel safe and feel loved as you have this difficult conversation. They may not realize they are doing what they are doing, they may have been waiting for someone to bring it up. They may be going through something incredibly difficult and your love and support may be just what they needed. Make sure to give them space, listen to them if they try to offer an explanation. Foster a healing process rather than an admonishment.

I appreciate when people are honest with me, especially if I could be hurting someone without realizing it. Conversations like this are best approached from a place of love. So the advice of the card is essentially, get the kettle going, take a deep breath, create a place of comfort, safety, and love, and start the conversation. It may be just what that person needed or was even waiting for.

The thinking behind this card is that we should all see ourselves as royalty. We are amazing and full of talents and sensibilities that form our unique and wonderful selves. We have so much to offer this world in so many loving and wonderful ways. We should feel good about that and be fully enamored with those marvelous things about ourselves.

I used the metaphor of royalty because it is a fairly standard trope in this society. Royalty is seen as above others, but in reality, we all have something amazing inside of us that can make others’ lives better in some way. A desire to help and take care of others, a unique skill, a fiercely loving heart, all of these and more are traits of regality to me. These are the things that incite my “worship”.

When you see someone do something amazingly selfless for another when you see someone holding an incredibly difficult situation together with patience and kindness when you see someone working diligently for the well being of other people, even sacrificing something for themselves in the process. These are the things that amaze me about humanity, these are the people I want to align myself with and learn from.

Alternatively,  imagine you are a King or Queen in a foreign land and you are dealing with someone who doesn’t realize who you are. They may treat you with a certain amount of disrespect, born of their ignorance of you. Rather than creating a conflict by pushing forth your stature, try instead to understand that they do not know you. There is definitely a limit to this but if you can remember who you are and that perhaps they don’t yet know or understand those wonderful things about you, it may be easier to deal with their treatment of you.

This doesn’t mean you should take abuse, only that a certain amount of understanding may be in order. Have faith that the amazing things about yourself will soon be realized by them as you interact with them more. However, if they ultimately don’t get it and continue to treat you badly, that’s their loss. They may never know the grand opportunity they missed to have a friend in you but that is not your concern. You are not required to go out of your way to prove yourself to anyone. If they give you their respect, they will soon know how great an ally you are. If not, just move on without ill will. They may find out later the opportunity they missed.

This card idea came from a legendary coat I have. When I was younger someone made me a coat of Halloween themed fabric. I still wear it every year, only in October to preserve it.  I absolutely love this coat and feel so great each time I wear it. I do not care what other people think of me in this coat. I know in my heart of hearts it is an awesome coat. I one day realized I wish I had more things in my life I felt this confident about, like myself for instance. 

When we can harness this level of inner confidence so many things go much more smoothly. I chose a shirt because that seemed more universal but it could be pants, a dress or a piece of jewelry. Whatever makes you feel good. You put it on and are filled with unshakeable confidence. You smile more because of how good you feel, and it would take something pretty awful to knock you out of your good feeling.

This card is a reminder to try to find this confidence within yourself and in whatever situation you are facing. Our perspective plays a big part in how things can go. If we can harness that confidence and good feeling we can transform bad situations into better ones. You can even spread that feeling to others!

*These are general meanings for these cards. I created them with the intent of letting my intuition come into the message they create. The message you receive may be slightly different if you choose to get a reading with me.

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