Guided Meditation Today! Finding your Purpose(3/28)

A friend and I have been holding a biweekly Intuitive teaching and practice group. We cover a different topic each session. When the topic of meditation came up I was excited. As you may or may not know I LOVE meditation. It has gotten me very far along my spiritual journey, it’s how I connected with two of my guides and it has given me a greater ability to grab a moment to breathe even in chaotic situations to better gauge my reactions and avoid making it worse.

As my teaching partner and I prepared we floated the idea of doing a guided meditation. I had never led a guided meditation before but I felt it was important to the group to have that experience. I decided to meditate on it! As I laid there I opened my energy to my guides and ideas began floating around then suddenly a very clear channel opened and started giving me a beautiful meditation. I had to get up from meditation to write it down. I sat there writing as this wonderfully supportive and uplifting journey more or less wrote itself onto the paper with my hand.

As I read through it afterward I was overwhlemed and grateful. I led this meditation in the group (my first guided meditation!). I was very nervous and felt very self conscious but it went fairly well for never having done it before. Then my guides dropped the challenge on me, offer this to more people. In this time of uncertainty and having much more time than usual to think through your life, why not give yourself the space to pinpoint what it is you should be doing, the thing that you were meant for, the thing that makes your heart sing. I agreed that more people needed to receive this meditation.

That being said I am offering this meditation today at 3pm EST via Zoom. I am sorry for the short notice but I hope you will attend and allow yourself the space and time to receive the love and support of the Universe/Divine in finding your purpose. My plan is that we all shut off our cameras and you will all be muted during the meditation so if there is music you already enjoy meditating to you can play that in the background. I encourage you to light incense and candles if that is your favorite meditation ritual. I also encourage you to give yourself permission to take this time. Even if you fall asleep within the first 5 minutes and all you get is a great nap, I will be grateful that you got what you needed from it.

I alloted 1 hour of time for the session. You deserve that time to relax and seek your peace and purpose. If you would like to attend join us at this link at 3pm: Zoom link

Can’t wait to see you there!