My Gift (and yours!)

As an Intuitive and Reiki Practitioner I am able to feel into a person’s energy and find out where it needs help and even get advice from your guides to help you. Because I have access to all 4 Clairs, I can see and feel your energy and receive information about your energy as pictures, sounds, thoughts or feelings in my head and body. I often tell people that developing intuition is like building a dictionary that is only shared between you and your guides. In the coming paragraphs the descriptions are what is in my personal dictionary and may not match yours if you are an intuitive as well.

You may now be asking what does energy look like? It mostly comes up as colors in my head that pertain to the chakras. Sometimes the chakras are light in color, sometimes they are dark in my dictionary, dark is not preferred unless there is a richness to the color and too light isn’t good either. Sometimes they have dark spots or a hole in the middle, to me this usually means that the energy is suffering a recent or recurring wound of some kind. Sometimes they are contained by a dark ring around the edge, this to me means there is plenty of energy there but it’s being held back for some reason. Sometimes there is gradation in the color within the chakras to me this means healing is occuring. I can also receive images about the chakra. I recently saw a chakra that looked like a pool where a big rock had been thrown into the center. This to me meant that an outside influence had made waves in this energy for good or for bad. 

So what does energy feel like? As I give Reiki I often feel aches in certain chakras revealing a problem area. Sometimes it will be prickly too but for me that has more to do with physical ailments. I will also feel emotions. For instance when I do my Reiki/Reading sessions I let the guides pull me to the chakras that need attention and once I get there I usually get hit with an emotion. This is a general sort of message that is then supported by additional information my guides send through. Sadness may hit when I first get there and I will even get the feeling of tears running down my cheeks if it is a profound sadness related to the issue connected to the chakra. 

While I enjoy sharing this picture of how the information comes through I do have an ulterior motive. Each time I do a Reiki/Reading session with someone not only do I get a picture of what’s wrong, I get a picture of what’s right. Doing these sessions has shown me that even people with a lot of fear or sadness, at the very root of their energy (not to be confused with the root chakra) is this wonderful beautiful essence. In that place there is love, kindness, compassion, and a wonder I would be hard pressed to describe adequately. I often tell people how good their energy feels, I can’t help it, it’s so beautiful that it has to be acknowledged. 

So the main reason for writing all this is to let you know that you have that within you as well. An irrefutable beauty, an incredible power, a never depleting well of love and unimaginable strength even when you can’t feel it, it is there. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to see it and I hope my meager attempts to convey it to those I have been allowed to read for are reaching them. This may sound hyperbolic to some but even then it isn’t enough to really get it across. Try this for me please. Spend some time with yourself, ask your guides to let you feel your own energy and don’t downplay or deny it when you feel it, it’s all true. 

When you feel that swell of positivity and kindness, like light incarnate, that’s you. When you feel a deep and comforting love that covers you like a warm blanket, that’s you too. When there is a strength that feels fused to the earth’s bedrock itself, like a fortress that could take a million arrows or bullets and receive barely a dimple from that kind of attack, yep, that’s yours too. Don’t you dare deny it. The universe wants you to know that this is all contained within you already. 

When you are in touch with this energy imagine what you could do for others. Knowing you can’t be stopped or swayed from your passion. Knowing that you will fearlessly express your love to others without shame or pause. Knowing that you can reach those who seem unreachable, love those who seem unlovable because you can see their light when others can’t. You can guide them to their purpose and help them reveal their light to the world. 

We all have issues projecting those energies at times but that does not negate their existence. Think of life as a human and all the challenges we can face, all the stress that can rain down from various sources. The days that we want to retract from even our most beloved in our lives. The days we don’t even want to venture out from the safety of our beds. The days when everything everyone does feels like an insult or worse an attack.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask to feel that energy that lives inside of you in these moments. You may not spring out of bed but you will realize that you will again, even if it’s not today. You may not run to your beloved and throw your arms around them but you know that you will again soon. 

Sometimes we need this space, to think and feel and acknowledge that we have these amazing resources within us. Sometimes the universe says “They have forgotten who they are, let’s show them.” Sometimes you have been giving too much and not realizing that you deserve the same love and service you give to others, even if you have to provide it to yourself. That’s why we have access to this energy, We are meant to live in love and service but also balance. 

Allow that space, allow that time, speak your truth, air your complaints and hurts honestly and without cruelty. This tells the universe we are ready to heal. We are ready to dip into that endless well within us and replenish, that we are also worthy of the love and service we share with others. We are also deserving of time, space, and acknowledgement. Please receive that message, not just as some words from a post on the internet but into your heart. You are not only valid, but a marvel of the universe, that is your truth. 

Do whatever it takes to infuse that message into your life and you will be supported in the expression of that. You will be imbued with a tangible feeling of all that lies within you and see its splendor in action. You will open yourself to the celebration of all those aspects of yourself that you have denied for so long. You will be working toward a self fulfillment on a scale you didn’t think was possible and even reshape the lives of others just by living as yourself unapologetically and joyfully. Your unique light is the beacon that someone is waiting for, and don’t forget, you are someone too.

Come Book a Session with me to find out how beautiful your energy is and give it some love!

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