Align your Receiving

Receiving can be a very tricky topic for some. We have trouble receiving all sorts of things from money, information, love, compliments and much more. I received information on this today that I wanted to share with you. 

We are born in a state wherein we have no choice but to receive. Our survival depends upon it. It is the first thing we learn to do as humans. This is a deliberate move by the divine because it is important that we know how to receive. It also eases the transition into our human experience from being within the collective. Receiving is part of the process of love. Giving is one part, receiving is the other. So in order to see that love is grown and spread throughout the world we must be able to both give and receive. 

As humans grow and begin to feel the full power of our free will and interacte with society, we adopt many perspectives on receiving.  Many of these come from the sources who most influence us as we are growing. Many things we learn from childhood leave an impact on us most especially the foundational concepts. Some of these perspectives may not align with who we become when we reach adulthood. Many of these will continue to carry with us and by keeping them as our practice we end up creating challenges for ourselves oftentimes inadvertently. 

The good news is we can release these beliefs and judgements in a peaceful way. When we try to release views, beliefs or practices it is seen as a struggle we must overcome. That creates an energy of resistance, a need may spring up in our subconscious to fight against it. These are things we have built ourselves upon in some cases, ridding ourselves of them in a destructive way may wreak havoc and end up reinstating it with twice the amount of conviction just so that we can regain a feeling of safety. Try instead this more peaceful technique.

Start by getting some time for yourself in a place that is peaceful and quiet. Get yourself nice and relaxed and say the phrase “I am open to learning the aligned ways to receive and release my judgements on how others receive.” After this phrase, begin to think about your relationship with receiving, let instances come up in your head when you have felt unworthy, judged, or insulted by something someone offered you. Go deeper and try to figure out what may have brought on that perspective in the first place. Was it a concept you learned growing up? An experience you had yourself? A combination of both?

After you have found what you believe to be the source of this perspective, apply forgiveness.

If it is someone who helped raise you say:

______I forgive you for teaching me this perspective on receiving. I know that you were trying to show me your love and protection by doing so. I can no longer hold this perspective because it does not align with my current expression of myself. Guides and Divine energies please help me dissolve and release this perspective.

If it was a bad experience you had with a stranger, try phrasing it this way:

I forgive you for hurting me with your actions. I recognize that your perspectives are not aligned with mine. I recognize that these actions may have come from a place of pain that you are struggling with. I recognize now that I do not have to bear the weight of your actions toward me any longer. Guides and Divine energies please help me dissolve and release this perspective.

Finally if it was just a bad experience you had in general that didn’t originate with a specific person try this: (I also recommend ending your healing session with this phrase)

I forgive myself for interpreting and integrating this perspective the way I did. I can see that this perspective no longer serves me. Guides and Divine beings please help me dissolve and release this perspective.

You may need to repeat these exercises more than once if it is a very prevalent perspective you have held for a long time but remember, your guides and the Divine are there to help you become the best version of yourself. The person you were meant to be. So give this technique a try and let me know what you think in the comments, or by email via

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