The Adventure of Life

Life is always guiding us to new and exciting possibilities and pushing us to try new things. My guides have been encouraging me to use my voice more and as a result I have been stepping up my voice presence in what I put out there. I recently did an Instagram live in which I sang an old song of mine then discussed with the attendees the emotions the song addreses. If you would like to see that you can use this link:

The other thing is, I started a podcast! It’s nothing fancy but I am going to posting Almost Daily Intuitive Messages and also longer episodes on spiritual topics. It’s a look at spirituality when combined with a real and not so easy life with the added bonus of (almost) daily guidance. You can listen to that here:

I returned to work after being in a self imposed quarantine for a few months. When I returned my schedule changed and unfortunately that left the most of my “freetime” in the early morning hours instead of the evenings. In response to that I have had to cut my live reading availability. Instead I now have begun offering a new service that I think is a lot of fun. It is a 15-minute Intuitive Message via email in an audio file. The introductory price is only $10! You can schedule that here: 15 minute Intuitive Message

What I have learned through theses changes is that time is valuable and while life may not allow us to choose when we get our free time sometimes we are absolutely in charge of how we spend our free time. After my family, this work is the thing I most love spending my time on and if that means I have to come up with new, fun ways in which to do that then that’s what I will do. This work is important to me and I hope that I can help you sometime in the future!

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