High Point Service Package

Check out these subscription services! Monthly Intuitive Guidance for 6 months, Reiki, and other services, they even include a gift you can pass along to someone you love! Here are the two packages available:

High Point Intuitive Package

$100- for 6 months (These options separately would be $150 dollars!!)

-A monthly 15 minute Intuitive message on the date of your choosing each month- either general messages or the topic of your choice

-Reach out for Reiki- once a month when you need Reiki for an upcoming or ongoing situation just reach out! I will send 15 minutes of Reiki and email with any intuitive information that comes through

-You get dibs on being a tester on any new reading types that are being developed

-You get a Celebrate Yourself reading for you and one you can gift to someone you love (I will verify permission with the recipient)

Email for more info and to purchase:

Email me for more info or to purchase:

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