Mediumship Readings

Reconnect with your loved ones in spirit

When someone you love has passed on, it is hard to feel that you are still connected to them. Sometimes all you can feel is the absence they left in your life. Medium readings are a way to reconnect and know that they are okay and that they are still with you even if it seems hard to believe.
Medium Readings have always brought me great happiness. I have done quite a few over the years with joyful and emotional results, and no matter how many times I have stopped for various life reasons, I always get called back.
I am restarting my Medium Readings and will offer both donation based and paid readings. Since I have not done them for awhile, I will offer donation based readings first and add the paid readings when I feel it is time.

Nervous or unsure about a mediumship reading?

Perhaps you are nervous about the idea of communicating with the other side but you still feel a pull to try it. If this sounds like you maybe an Open Door reading would suit you better. This would be more like a psychic reading but we leave the door open in case anyone from the other side would like to come by and say Hi. If I feel that someone has arrived I will let you know and you decide if you want to hear from them or not.
If you don’t feel ready you can say no, they won’t be mad, they will understand because they know you and love you. The idea of respecting others is not lost when we cross over. If you would like to get a reading with the possibility of a visitor coming to the session but also the freedom to say you aren’t ready then Schedule an Open Door Reading with the link below!