CM from Jesus about the Garden of Gethsemane

I often have discussions of a philosophical or theological nature. Easter was coming so I was discussing the crucifixion and the topic of the Garden of Gethsamane came up, and how poignant a moment that was in the story in the bible. I received this message at that time:

The reason he was reluctant about the crucifixion was because he loved connecting and helping on a one on one level. The exchange of love that happened was an impact he felt was significant and evident. He also loved to see how it spread through others. None of it was done with ego but that is how it was interpreted by men with great egos or great feeling of unworthiness. Part of the process of love is receiving love. While giving love is important being able to receive love completes its process. This is not ego, this is what completes the natural cycle of love and allows it to grow and spread.

Channeled Messages(CM)

Channeling, if you’re not familiar, is when you receive information in your head or through your body via guides or other beings. It is possible to receive it straight through your body meaning whatever comes through controls your voice and other aspects of you. I am not open to that form of channeling but maybe someday.

I receive them as large paragraphs of knowledge in my head. It feels like a dictation from my guides. It will usually happen if I am pondering some specific topic or concept in spirituality or religion. Sometimes though they simply inform me without me asking during rest periods or meditation. I have recently been urged to share some of these channeled messages with the public.

I realize to some this may seem like the fringe aspect of this kind of work. These concepts and statements are incredibly profound. You are always allowed in any aspect of spirituality, reading, and channeled message to take what resonates and ignore the rest. These are messages I received from my guides or other high vibrational beings (those are the only type of beings I am willing to interact with) it may be uncomfortable to read these posts for some of you so if you would like to avoid them I will clearly mark all of these types of posts with a CM in the title. That way it is your choice to receive the information or not.

If my guides feel it is important to share I want to share but I don’t want to make anyone receive this information unwillingly. While my knowledge on these concepts could increase in the future, what I have put in the post in the extent of my knowledge on this topic currently. Therefore I would not be able to participate in any sort of of debate on any of these topics because what I present in these posts is all the information I have been given.