Maureen Williams

High Point Reiki and Readings

Hello! I am a Reiki Master, Akashic Records Reader, Intuitive and Medium. I value care, honor privacy and I love recognizing and celebrating the Divine light that lives in each of us.

During My Reiki sessions I tune into your energy to give a clearer picture of what may be going on and how best to get your energy back to a place that feels good and balanced.

During all my sessions I let you know what my guides (and yours) are telling me and together we examine those issues as deeply as you are comfortable. I receive various information that may help fill in the blanks of your current struggles and help you face them with a clearer picture and a better way to work through them. Sometimes that includes past life information, identifying and connecting you with your guides, and revealing your own intuitive gifts and any guidance you may need navigating that.

I highly value your privacy and promise you that no one will even know that you received a service from me unless you choose to tell them.

The focus of my work is you! No matter what issue you come seeking help for or whatever guidance you seek I will always bring it back to you. I will be honest, authentic, and most of all ready to support and celebrate all the amazing aspects you hold inside.