Speaking you truth: where to start

Our minds are very powerful things. They can take a small idea and turn it into a large idea and even put it into motion in a way that changes the world. This spans across politics, science, invention, art, music, writing – well you get the idea, it can apply to just about anything. Once the ideas come out of our head, are put on paper, is when we find out the reality of them. That is when we first find out if it really is the next big idea. When we write it down and reread it does it hold the same excitement that it did while existing in our head? This is also often the point when you will realize that while in your head it seemed impossible but once you write it out it is possible after all, perhaps not easy but possible. 

In readings, I often advise people to write out emotions when they feel overwhelming, or even speak them out loud when you have time by yourself, if you are angry, sad, or scared. It will change its energy. We all have imaginations ranging from wild to seemingly non-existent. The closer something is to your heart the more your imagination will take hold of it. If it is a source of negativity your mind is likely to turn it into something that feels insurmountable, sometimes rightfully so. 

By writing it out or saying it out loud you are subjecting it to reality. You are also using different processes to analyze the information. If you write it out then read it, your mind can look at it in a different way, if you say it out loud, you can hear it and come to terms with it much more quickly. Also there is a release that happens, even if no one hears you or reads what you wrote it is now planted in reality and you are more likely to face it, also you are acknowledging your emotions, giving them attention and validation.

This isn’t always an easy process, sometimes we have held onto something for so long it has almost become a part of us. Over time it has buried itself in the deep recesses of our mind. It has changed into something we don’t recognize, sometimes it takes work to find the actual emotion. I don’t believe we are meant to be negative beings however. I don’t believe we are supposed to carry these things with us for so long. I don’t believe either that there is no way to come to terms with the emotion and start healing ourselves.

What about situations that seem hopeless? What if someone is diagnosed with a terrible incurable illness, faces inexplicable adversity or hardship, or is in a place of abuse or neglect with no way out? In many of these types of cases there is an uncontestable reality. There can be hope but it seems incredibly dim, practically nonexistent. In these cases I feel it is about prioritizing what you should focus on. It may be a situation that is unlikely to change but staying in a state of fear, or terror will deprive you of opportunities to potentially change the situation. If you never express your negative emotions about it they are likely to eventually overrun the positive ones and in these situations the positive things are especially important. 

If you are going through something hard, please seek professional help. It may feel like you can’t talk to anyone right now, like nothing anyone can say will help or that talking about it will only make things worse. The truth is we need your wisdom and experience in this world, you may end up being the person who pulls the next person out of darkness, you may be the one who teaches the world a new way to look at problems and how to solve them. By not only surviving but healing you may someday be able to heal others. If it seems too hard to reach out to talk to someone then start by talking to yourself or journaling. You may be surprised by the strength you find within yourself and the love you find in the world.