The Adventure of Life

Life is always guiding us to new and exciting possibilities and pushing us to try new things. My guides have been encouraging me to use my voice more and as a result I have been stepping up my voice presence in what I put out there. I recently did an Instagram live in which I sang an old song of mine then discussed with the attendees the emotions the song addreses. If you would like to see that you can use this link:

The other thing is, I started a podcast! It’s nothing fancy but I am going to posting Almost Daily Intuitive Messages and also longer episodes on spiritual topics. It’s a look at spirituality when combined with a real and not so easy life with the added bonus of (almost) daily guidance. You can listen to that here:

I returned to work after being in a self imposed quarantine for a few months. When I returned my schedule changed and unfortunately that left the most of my “freetime” in the early morning hours instead of the evenings. In response to that I have had to cut my live reading availability. Instead I now have begun offering a new service that I think is a lot of fun. It is a 15-minute Intuitive Message via email in an audio file. The introductory price is only $10! You can schedule that here: 15 minute Intuitive Message

What I have learned through theses changes is that time is valuable and while life may not allow us to choose when we get our free time sometimes we are absolutely in charge of how we spend our free time. After my family, this work is the thing I most love spending my time on and if that means I have to come up with new, fun ways in which to do that then that’s what I will do. This work is important to me and I hope that I can help you sometime in the future!

Align your Receiving

Receiving can be a very tricky topic for some. We have trouble receiving all sorts of things from money, information, love, compliments and much more. I received information on this today that I wanted to share with you. 

We are born in a state wherein we have no choice but to receive. Our survival depends upon it. It is the first thing we learn to do as humans. This is a deliberate move by the divine because it is important that we know how to receive. It also eases the transition into our human experience from being within the collective. Receiving is part of the process of love. Giving is one part, receiving is the other. So in order to see that love is grown and spread throughout the world we must be able to both give and receive. 

As humans grow and begin to feel the full power of our free will and interacte with society, we adopt many perspectives on receiving.  Many of these come from the sources who most influence us as we are growing. Many things we learn from childhood leave an impact on us most especially the foundational concepts. Some of these perspectives may not align with who we become when we reach adulthood. Many of these will continue to carry with us and by keeping them as our practice we end up creating challenges for ourselves oftentimes inadvertently. 

The good news is we can release these beliefs and judgements in a peaceful way. When we try to release views, beliefs or practices it is seen as a struggle we must overcome. That creates an energy of resistance, a need may spring up in our subconscious to fight against it. These are things we have built ourselves upon in some cases, ridding ourselves of them in a destructive way may wreak havoc and end up reinstating it with twice the amount of conviction just so that we can regain a feeling of safety. Try instead this more peaceful technique.

Start by getting some time for yourself in a place that is peaceful and quiet. Get yourself nice and relaxed and say the phrase “I am open to learning the aligned ways to receive and release my judgements on how others receive.” After this phrase, begin to think about your relationship with receiving, let instances come up in your head when you have felt unworthy, judged, or insulted by something someone offered you. Go deeper and try to figure out what may have brought on that perspective in the first place. Was it a concept you learned growing up? An experience you had yourself? A combination of both?

After you have found what you believe to be the source of this perspective, apply forgiveness.

If it is someone who helped raise you say:

______I forgive you for teaching me this perspective on receiving. I know that you were trying to show me your love and protection by doing so. I can no longer hold this perspective because it does not align with my current expression of myself. Guides and Divine energies please help me dissolve and release this perspective.

If it was a bad experience you had with a stranger, try phrasing it this way:

I forgive you for hurting me with your actions. I recognize that your perspectives are not aligned with mine. I recognize that these actions may have come from a place of pain that you are struggling with. I recognize now that I do not have to bear the weight of your actions toward me any longer. Guides and Divine energies please help me dissolve and release this perspective.

Finally if it was just a bad experience you had in general that didn’t originate with a specific person try this: (I also recommend ending your healing session with this phrase)

I forgive myself for interpreting and integrating this perspective the way I did. I can see that this perspective no longer serves me. Guides and Divine beings please help me dissolve and release this perspective.

You may need to repeat these exercises more than once if it is a very prevalent perspective you have held for a long time but remember, your guides and the Divine are there to help you become the best version of yourself. The person you were meant to be. So give this technique a try and let me know what you think in the comments, or by email via

Self-Guided Meditation: Experience Your Own Energy

This is a meditation exercise that is intended to tap you into that energy that lies deep inside of you. This energy is pure and beautiful and contains unimaginable love, strength, and joy within it. Get as immersed as you can and don’t forget to bring the energy back down because staying connected in that manner can make you feel clumsy and out of sorts so the grounding part is important too. Also follow this up with some dancing, or anything that makes you move and feel like your regular human self again. Don’t worry the great feelings you got from tapping into your energy will stick around! Also you can repeat this anytime you like:)

Please try to trust what comes through, even if you don’t see yourself that way. That is the point of this exercise! There are deep channels of the most beautiful energy in all of us and being able to feel that energy for yourself could change the way you see yourself in a very positive way. Be open to what you experience, make sure you are calm and relaxed as you do it and enjoy what comes through. Try to go in with the understanding that this is your energy that already exists within you, it’s accessible whenever you want to tap into it or even better, embody it! Let’s get started!

Close your eyes or look at a calming beautiful thing (i.e. Nature or artwork without people in it) Take even calm breaths until you reach a calm and peaceful feeling. Begin to acknowledge your chakras one by one. You can even picture the color that goes with them, this may help immerse you into the experience. Start at the bottom and go upwards as the list below illustrates, the corresponding color is listed next to each chakra.

Root- (between your legs)Red or Brown

Sacral- (pelvic area) Orange

Solar Plexus-(stomach area beneath the rib cage) Yellow

Heart- (the center of your chest, where your sternum is) Green or Pink

Throat-(in your neck/throat) Blue

Third eye or Brow-(between your eyebrows/in your forehead region) Indigo or purple

Crown-(top of the head) violet, white or clear

As you reach the crown, feel the energy continue to extend upward and know that it is connecting with the divine. Once you feel you are connected, ask to be shown your energy as fully and deeply as is possible. Your guides should know what level of sensation you will be able to handle but if it feels like too much you can ask them to pull it back, if you can’t feel it as well as you’d like ask them to make it stronger. Once you feel the energy at the level that is comfortable just sit and enjoy it. I wouldn’t recommend more than 5 minutes for the first time, but don’t worry you can always do it again it if you enjoy it!

You may feel a great warmth, tingles, and undeniable strength or any number of things. You may see colors or hear music or words. Descriptive phrases may pop into your head. The main intent is to enjoy it but if you feel compelled you can write down the sensations you receive.

After 5 minutes, thank them for their assistance then start pulling that energy back down through the chakras in reverse order from above. This will help ground you. Continue until you reach the Root Chakra. Now ask that this new knowledge be integrated but also to be available to you whenever you need to access it.

I would love to hear your experiences with this! Leave a comment or email me and let me know at

Here is a video version I made also:

Self-guided Meditation: See your positive impact on the world

Get in a comfortable sitting or laying down position and close your eyes. Take calm even breaths, listening to your breath as it enters and exits. Once you are reasonably relaxed and clear minded, envision a vase. You can put whatever design on it you like, something that makes you happy! You are going to put one flower in this vase now for each time you did any of these things today:

Each time you made someone smile or laugh today, even yourself.

Each time you’ve overcome a challenge, even things like getting something you needed while staying in your comfy spot on the couch through ingenuity. 

Each task you completed today.

Each time you didn’t spend your energy on something it would have been wasted on.

Each time you complimented someone.

Each time you celebrated yourself or gave your self credit.

Each time you showed yourself or anyone else love.

Each time you received a compliment simply by saying thank you.

Each time you had a bad moment in your day and managed to pull yourself out of it.

Each time you practiced self care, even if it was just saying no to something you couldn’t do or making a healthy choice for yourself.

Now appreciate the beauty of the flowers, their rich colors, the beautiful fragrances they emit, the soft velvety petals on each one. As you do realize that each one represents a positive impact you made on the world today. See the full glory of just one days effort. Know that tomorrow it will be even more full and beautiful. In fact, put this intention on the bouquet you created and watch as the flowers transform into butterflies. Know that each one is carrying your love out into the world. Know that each one will be a moment of magic and joy for someone in the world. Imagine the smiles that appear on all the faces who see those butterflies and know that all that joy and magic originated from you, that it has always and is always within you and never diminishes. When you are finished enjoying this visual representation of your positive impact on the world, ask that the feelings you experienced stay with you, that you stay conscious of the joy and love you bring through the world.

I’d love to hear feedback if you decide to try this out! You can leave it in the comments or email me:

Here is the video version if you prefer that:

My Gift (and yours!)

As an Intuitive and Reiki Practitioner I am able to feel into a person’s energy and find out where it needs help and even get advice from your guides to help you. Because I have access to all 4 Clairs, I can see and feel your energy and receive information about your energy as pictures, sounds, thoughts or feelings in my head and body. I often tell people that developing intuition is like building a dictionary that is only shared between you and your guides. In the coming paragraphs the descriptions are what is in my personal dictionary and may not match yours if you are an intuitive as well.

You may now be asking what does energy look like? It mostly comes up as colors in my head that pertain to the chakras. Sometimes the chakras are light in color, sometimes they are dark in my dictionary, dark is not preferred unless there is a richness to the color and too light isn’t good either. Sometimes they have dark spots or a hole in the middle, to me this usually means that the energy is suffering a recent or recurring wound of some kind. Sometimes they are contained by a dark ring around the edge, this to me means there is plenty of energy there but it’s being held back for some reason. Sometimes there is gradation in the color within the chakras to me this means healing is occuring. I can also receive images about the chakra. I recently saw a chakra that looked like a pool where a big rock had been thrown into the center. This to me meant that an outside influence had made waves in this energy for good or for bad. 

So what does energy feel like? As I give Reiki I often feel aches in certain chakras revealing a problem area. Sometimes it will be prickly too but for me that has more to do with physical ailments. I will also feel emotions. For instance when I do my Reiki/Reading sessions I let the guides pull me to the chakras that need attention and once I get there I usually get hit with an emotion. This is a general sort of message that is then supported by additional information my guides send through. Sadness may hit when I first get there and I will even get the feeling of tears running down my cheeks if it is a profound sadness related to the issue connected to the chakra. 

While I enjoy sharing this picture of how the information comes through I do have an ulterior motive. Each time I do a Reiki/Reading session with someone not only do I get a picture of what’s wrong, I get a picture of what’s right. Doing these sessions has shown me that even people with a lot of fear or sadness, at the very root of their energy (not to be confused with the root chakra) is this wonderful beautiful essence. In that place there is love, kindness, compassion, and a wonder I would be hard pressed to describe adequately. I often tell people how good their energy feels, I can’t help it, it’s so beautiful that it has to be acknowledged. 

So the main reason for writing all this is to let you know that you have that within you as well. An irrefutable beauty, an incredible power, a never depleting well of love and unimaginable strength even when you can’t feel it, it is there. I am incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to see it and I hope my meager attempts to convey it to those I have been allowed to read for are reaching them. This may sound hyperbolic to some but even then it isn’t enough to really get it across. Try this for me please. Spend some time with yourself, ask your guides to let you feel your own energy and don’t downplay or deny it when you feel it, it’s all true. 

When you feel that swell of positivity and kindness, like light incarnate, that’s you. When you feel a deep and comforting love that covers you like a warm blanket, that’s you too. When there is a strength that feels fused to the earth’s bedrock itself, like a fortress that could take a million arrows or bullets and receive barely a dimple from that kind of attack, yep, that’s yours too. Don’t you dare deny it. The universe wants you to know that this is all contained within you already. 

When you are in touch with this energy imagine what you could do for others. Knowing you can’t be stopped or swayed from your passion. Knowing that you will fearlessly express your love to others without shame or pause. Knowing that you can reach those who seem unreachable, love those who seem unlovable because you can see their light when others can’t. You can guide them to their purpose and help them reveal their light to the world. 

We all have issues projecting those energies at times but that does not negate their existence. Think of life as a human and all the challenges we can face, all the stress that can rain down from various sources. The days that we want to retract from even our most beloved in our lives. The days we don’t even want to venture out from the safety of our beds. The days when everything everyone does feels like an insult or worse an attack.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask to feel that energy that lives inside of you in these moments. You may not spring out of bed but you will realize that you will again, even if it’s not today. You may not run to your beloved and throw your arms around them but you know that you will again soon. 

Sometimes we need this space, to think and feel and acknowledge that we have these amazing resources within us. Sometimes the universe says “They have forgotten who they are, let’s show them.” Sometimes you have been giving too much and not realizing that you deserve the same love and service you give to others, even if you have to provide it to yourself. That’s why we have access to this energy, We are meant to live in love and service but also balance. 

Allow that space, allow that time, speak your truth, air your complaints and hurts honestly and without cruelty. This tells the universe we are ready to heal. We are ready to dip into that endless well within us and replenish, that we are also worthy of the love and service we share with others. We are also deserving of time, space, and acknowledgement. Please receive that message, not just as some words from a post on the internet but into your heart. You are not only valid, but a marvel of the universe, that is your truth. 

Do whatever it takes to infuse that message into your life and you will be supported in the expression of that. You will be imbued with a tangible feeling of all that lies within you and see its splendor in action. You will open yourself to the celebration of all those aspects of yourself that you have denied for so long. You will be working toward a self fulfillment on a scale you didn’t think was possible and even reshape the lives of others just by living as yourself unapologetically and joyfully. Your unique light is the beacon that someone is waiting for, and don’t forget, you are someone too.

Come Book a Session with me to find out how beautiful your energy is and give it some love!

CM from Jesus about the Garden of Gethsemane

I often have discussions of a philosophical or theological nature. Easter was coming so I was discussing the crucifixion and the topic of the Garden of Gethsamane came up, and how poignant a moment that was in the story in the bible. I received this message at that time:

The reason he was reluctant about the crucifixion was because he loved connecting and helping on a one on one level. The exchange of love that happened was an impact he felt was significant and evident. He also loved to see how it spread through others. None of it was done with ego but that is how it was interpreted by men with great egos or great feeling of unworthiness. Part of the process of love is receiving love. While giving love is important being able to receive love completes its process. This is not ego, this is what completes the natural cycle of love and allows it to grow and spread.

Channeled Messages(CM)

Channeling, if you’re not familiar, is when you receive information in your head or through your body via guides or other beings. It is possible to receive it straight through your body meaning whatever comes through controls your voice and other aspects of you. I am not open to that form of channeling but maybe someday.

I receive them as large paragraphs of knowledge in my head. It feels like a dictation from my guides. It will usually happen if I am pondering some specific topic or concept in spirituality or religion. Sometimes though they simply inform me without me asking during rest periods or meditation. I have recently been urged to share some of these channeled messages with the public.

I realize to some this may seem like the fringe aspect of this kind of work. These concepts and statements are incredibly profound. You are always allowed in any aspect of spirituality, reading, and channeled message to take what resonates and ignore the rest. These are messages I received from my guides or other high vibrational beings (those are the only type of beings I am willing to interact with) it may be uncomfortable to read these posts for some of you so if you would like to avoid them I will clearly mark all of these types of posts with a CM in the title. That way it is your choice to receive the information or not.

If my guides feel it is important to share I want to share but I don’t want to make anyone receive this information unwillingly. While my knowledge on these concepts could increase in the future, what I have put in the post in the extent of my knowledge on this topic currently. Therefore I would not be able to participate in any sort of of debate on any of these topics because what I present in these posts is all the information I have been given.

Guides Weigh in: Grief

New episodic YouTube project!

I’ve started making a new episodic series on YouTube wherein I discuss a topic that affects everyone but I also keep the channels open in case my guides have any insight. The first episode is about grief. I speak of my experiences with grief and the ways I have found to best get through it. It’s a bit longer than I expected but I hope it can help anyone having their own experience with grief.