Guides Weigh in: Grief

New episodic YouTube project!

I’ve started making a new episodic series on YouTube wherein I discuss a topic that affects everyone but I also keep the channels open in case my guides have any insight. The first episode is about grief. I speak of my experiences with grief and the ways I have found to best get through it. It’s a bit longer than I expected but I hope it can help anyone having their own experience with grief.

About Psychic Readings

What is a General Psychic Reading?

This is a reading in which, through the help of my guides, I receive important messages from your guides about what they think you need to know, and then you will have the opportunity to ask up to 3 questions once that information has been shared. The reading time is scheduled for 30 minutes.

What type of information will the guides provide?

While there will be an opportunity for questions, the first thing we will cover is whatever the guides feel you most need to know at the moment. Issues you may be facing, things you are overlooking, or sometimes reassuring messages about things that are worrying you.

What do you need to do to prepare?

On the day of the reading, make sure that you will be in a quiet place where you will not be engaged by distractions. It is best not to be driving or otherwise occupied to receive the full benefit of the reading. You should have questions prepared (up to 3) for after the initial messages have been delivered.

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Grief is like a Shadow

Grief is like a shadow. Where there was once a bright and warming light in your life, suddenly it feels as if there is only dark. Sometimes it is gradual, like the sun moving across the sky toward nighttime. Sometimes it is like someone closed the door on a capsule that seems to block out all the light that was once there. Either way it is painful and requires time and patience with yourself to find the light again. 

I have watched many beautiful sun’s set. The brightest I had known, set when I was 19 years old.  Though it was expected, the finality of it once it finally happened was immense. There was a confusion for me. How could the world just keep on going when something so significant had happened? How can the world not feel that this giant glorious light was now lacking from the world? I cried a lot of course, but this feeling was perhaps more difficult to wrestle with. I now have to live my life with one of the brightest lights I had known absent. 

Something I learned during this process is that I was entitled to the emotions I was feeling. If I needed to cry, I cried. If I needed to talk, I would reach out. Some people feel that the grief process is something that should happen quickly, something you can get over in the determined socially acceptable period of time. I refused that period of time. I took the time I needed. I was hurt when suggestions were made of getting over it, but I knew that I needed that time and took it without shame. Perhaps it was the influence of who I had lost that gave me the strength to take that time.

Other than time, the thing that provided the most healing in the process was being with people who knew them and loved them. Hearing stories of the wonderful ways their lives had been impacted by them. Though the source of this brilliant light was gone, I could see glimmers of it still alive in others that had once experienced it and remembered its impact. The numerous stories of their kind words and actions lived on in those who knew them and loved them. When these stories were shared, I could feel that light again. It wasn’t the same, nor could it replace them, but it made the darkness I was feeling less like an endless void I would be trapped in forever.

Now, many years later, I don’t wrestle with it the way I did in the beginning. I have aged, I have grown, I see many things differently. I still believe, though, that you must take the time and space you need to get over the pain in the beginning. Don’t let anyone tell you what your grieving process should be or how long it should last. Be gentle with yourself; you will have moments when the pain will resurface unexpectedly, possibly for years. Don’t be embarrassed or feel shame for it. Revel in the wonderful stories and memories you have, and the stories of others. For me this was the greatest way to feel their light close again even if it wasn’t technically in the same room. 

I believe that the shadow cast by the loss of a beloved person in your life is the direct result, even evidence, of how bright that light was. You wouldn’t even notice the darkness if their light hadn’t been so brilliant. You wouldn’t even feel the void of their absence if they hadn’t been such a significant presence in the first place. When you are ready, this may be a point of view that could help. How lucky we are to have these people in our lives, to fill it with their brilliant light. While it seems hard to believe at first, this light is still there, even after they have left, in the people who knew, and shared that light. It may never be the brilliant sun it once was, but it can still be that beam shining through the storm clouds or filtered through trees on a nice day. The connection we have with them may change, but it never truly leaves. So seek it out, for it will be the thing that most heals you.

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Testimonials for Reiki/Energy Readings

As someone who has never really believed – to be awakened by this has been pretty spectacular. It’s an absolute fact that energy is all around us, inside of us and be in tune with that is to be in tune with the world. Maureen has been able to show me things I would not have seen otherwise in myself and about myself. The thought, preparation and skill that goes into this can not be overstated and I appreciate very much the things in myself that have materialize due to you offerings. Thank you. 


I highly recommend your Reiki/Energy Reading session! The attention to each of the main chakras – including what each represents, what my “current status” is and recommendations on how to open/enhance each chakra provides all I need to take action. These types of readings are for people who not only want to know more about their chakra alignment, they also want to use the takeaways to make changes where needed.I loved the entire reading. I particularly love the messages from on of my Guides. Very timely and comforting. As I read it, I can feel the authenticity and genuine sincerity from you. It is resonating and gave me homework I know is worth investing time and energy into.


My remote Energy Reading was very thorough and understandable. I liked the layout of the Reading in that Maureen went through each chakra (along with helpful reminders of what each chakra represents) and the specific outcome for each. I find that I am usually apprehensive and sometimes maybe even defensive when met with insight or observations from “the other side”. This specific Reading was worded very gently and made me feel motivated rather than discouraged. Maureen goes out of her way to root out issues, to use her gifts to uncover meaning and, with deft and so much understanding for the human condition, to share her findings.


Mine was pretty spot on. There were a few things that stood out to me in reference to how I was actually feeling and what to do and your response time was quick.


The energy reading was on point with issues that I am currently dealing with. It offered insight to some things and confirmed others.


The reading was clear and precise. I kept shaking my head agreeing with information you shared from my reading my energy!


As someone new to Reiki and Energy Readings I felt very comfortable throughout the entire experience. I learned a lot and would recommend. It allowed me to see many things from a different perspective. I appreciate your patience. How you explained things and never made me feel dumb, and how you had a positive outlook on even my problems.


Your accuracy was impressive and your advice incredibly relevant. I wanted a reading just for the sake of it. I received confirmation, encouragement and insight. You helped issues without me ever having an intention. Thank you for that.


Testimonials for Reiki

Even though I was skeptical at first, I was very impressed by how much the Reiki helped me. I have received help from Maureen with Reiki and it helped me tremendously. I will definitely continue reaching out to her anytime I need help.She is a super professional and passionate about what she does. -Yolanda M.

I have received Reiki from Maureen several times and each time l have a positive, relaxing experience and the energy seems to go exactly where l need it to go. Maureen provides such intuitive insight on what she picks up on which, l truly appreciate. -Catherine H.

I often find Maureen’s Reiki application to have a soothing, calming resonance throughout my mind and body. Depending on your mindset going in, the act of receiving Reiki can be beneficial, even in just knowing that someone is thinking and caring deeply for you in that moment. my favorite thing about receiving Reiki from Maureen is the feeling of being ultimately loved and cared for. -Jenny

Your Reiki It puts me in a relaxed state that makes it easier to interact with difficult people. I am at total peace! -Nicole

I’ve never gone into a Reiki session with any preconceived notions simply because having those ideas, I think, can shape your experiences. So in my case, the feelings I got from Reiki have always come in shifts. What I mean by shifts are: changes in my outlook, reduction in stress, the feeling as if I wasn’t floating hopelessly but was on solid ground, weighted by own strength. When I would close my eyes during, several things occurred me. 1. It was almost as if my breathing was being amplified in my head, as if something was urging me to pay more attention to it, to let it wash over me, to be in the moment. I also saw colors in shifts, purples, reds and browns. These colors seemed to aid in my comfort – not wholly sure why. Ive also had surges of emotions – emotions that perhaps I had been bottling up for some reason or another, they took hold of me, but not aggressively. The urges to cry were strong. If I had to guess it was because that was the release I had been avoiding. -Brian

About Reiki/Energy Reading

What is an Energy Reading?
This is a reading that involves activating Reiki then connecting to your energy via an unfiltered picture and, with the help of my guide, discerning the state of each of your 7 major chakras and revealing any issues that may exist in each. After it is done, you are sent an indepth and detailed report of the reading that will include what I was shown for each of your chakras, possible causes for any issues, and recommendations on practices you can use to heal them. At the end of the reading, I invite your guides to pass along any messages they feel you need. The report also includes a very brief description of what each chakra relates to, spiritually. For instance, your throat chakra relates to communication. So, if there is some problem with that chakra, it may mean you are holding something in that you should be saying, or you feel that people are not listening to you in a way that makes you feel understood.

What do you need to do to prepare?
Just book an appointment! I do this remotely and send a report back within 48 hours of the scheduled time, but usually later the same night of the scheduled time.

What does the report look like?
This is a copy of the template I use to write the report. Below each chakra, there will be the information pertaining to that chakra and recommendations for how you could bring that chakra to a healthier state. Not all chakras have a problem in everyone, and that will be stated in the report also if that is the information I receive.

Root Chakra-

Relates to material world, stability, security, survival, action

Sacral Chakra-

Relates to emotions, relationships,control,pleasure,desires,creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra-

Relates to intellect, ambition, personal power, confidence/self worth

Heart Chakra-

Relates to love,compassion,emotional balance

Throat Chakra-

Relates to communication, self expression, speaking one’s truth

Third eye Chakra-

Relates to spiritual awareness, insight, intuition, imagination

Crown Chakra-

Relates to spirituality, energy, connection to the Divine

Messages from guides:


Additional information:

In the interest of full disclosure, not all of the information that comes through will necessarily be positive. This may reveal some hard truths that you have been avoiding. It is my responsibility to be fully honest with you. So, I will report everything I pick up. The good news is that it comes with the recommendations on how you can improve whatever problems you are facing. This is not meant to be a substitute for medical diagnosis and should never be used as such, in fact it is rare that medical information comes through at all.

About Mediumship

What is Mediumship?
It is the ability to speak with souls who have passed from this world.

What is a reading with me like?
When spirits come to talk, they tend to really focus on happy memories and reminiscing about the good times. They will sometimes impart advice about current events that you are going through, but mostly they seem to want to let their loved one know they are still around, trying to help and connect whenever they can, however they can.

I have capabilities in the 4 major Clairs which are Clairaudience: hearing messages, music and sounds, Clairsentience: feeling sensations, Claircognizance: having information put in my head as if they were thoughts, and Clairvoyance: seeing images and scenes. This is how I receive the information from the energies who come through, and then there is a certain amount of translation that occurs. If I get a symbol that doesn’t make sense to me, or I am unsure of what it means, I will usually tell you what I am receiving and see if it has significance to you. I have, in the past, brought through specific energies, but usually I just let my guide know we want to invite whoever wants to talk, and we see who comes through.

I usually start by identifying the sex and a physical description of who has come to talk. If that doesn’t narrow it down enough, I ask for more identifying features, like personality traits or a way in which they would know you. One of the identifying features energies will use is how they passed, so just be aware of that ahead of time. Sometimes, they will give letters or full names but not consistently. If that still doesn’t help you identify them, I will let them go and try to find another energy to speak with, and start the process over.

I want to make sure you get the most out of the session possible, so I disclose everything that comes through, even if it doesn’t make sense to me, because it could be something only you two shared. Once someone you recognize comes through, questions are welcomed and encouraged.

Preparing for a reading

Just show up with an open mind.  Be excited, but try not to get too anxious ahead of time. Sometimes, asking a specific energy to come through, or thinking about them, will bring them through more easily, but it may not ultimately bring them forward. Just welcome the energies that do come through, and don’t fret if you don’t recognize the first energy. Sometimes, distant relatives come through first. I believe they sometimes do this to help someone more recently passed to connect, but they do usually want to say hi first.

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