Meet some of my Intuitive Cards!

On a recent creative whim, I decided to make my own cards for readings. I enjoy reading cards but sometimes struggle with predetermined meanings.  I decided to make my own cards. Ones that contain my own concepts as well as general ones. Most importantly I wanted to leave room for intuitive information to come through. So I channeled the phrases on the cards through my guides, bedecked them with my elementary school level of artwork, and even bought laminating sleeves to preserve them. There are currently 30 cards but I have a feeling I will soon be compelled to make more. Hopefully, I don’t end up with 100 or more cards when it is all said and done, though I easily could.

The first card I will discuss is Coffee Talk. The meaning of this card, to me, is that there is a potentially difficult discussion you know you need to have with someone. Something seems out of character for them and has been on your mind for a while, some behavior that someone you love has exhibited that has you concerned. You want to help them if they need help, but you aren’t even sure they can see their damaging behavior. This calls for coffee, or tea, or even hot chocolate!

You are reaching out to them as a friend, from a place of love. The setting should be calm, comfortable, and private. You want them to feel safe and feel loved as you have this difficult conversation. They may not realize they are doing what they are doing, they may have been waiting for someone to bring it up. They may be going through something incredibly difficult and your love and support may be just what they needed. Make sure to give them space, listen to them if they try to offer an explanation. Foster a healing process rather than an admonishment.

I appreciate when people are honest with me, especially if I could be hurting someone without realizing it. Conversations like this are best approached from a place of love. So the advice of the card is essentially, get the kettle going, take a deep breath, create a place of comfort, safety, and love, and start the conversation. It may be just what that person needed or was even waiting for.

The thinking behind this card is that we should all see ourselves as royalty. We are amazing and full of talents and sensibilities that form our unique and wonderful selves. We have so much to offer this world in so many loving and wonderful ways. We should feel good about that and be fully enamored with those marvelous things about ourselves.

I used the metaphor of royalty because it is a fairly standard trope in this society. Royalty is seen as above others, but in reality, we all have something amazing inside of us that can make others’ lives better in some way. A desire to help and take care of others, a unique skill, a fiercely loving heart, all of these and more are traits of regality to me. These are the things that incite my “worship”.

When you see someone do something amazingly selfless for another when you see someone holding an incredibly difficult situation together with patience and kindness when you see someone working diligently for the well being of other people, even sacrificing something for themselves in the process. These are the things that amaze me about humanity, these are the people I want to align myself with and learn from.

Alternatively,  imagine you are a King or Queen in a foreign land and you are dealing with someone who doesn’t realize who you are. They may treat you with a certain amount of disrespect, born of their ignorance of you. Rather than creating a conflict by pushing forth your stature, try instead to understand that they do not know you. There is definitely a limit to this but if you can remember who you are and that perhaps they don’t yet know or understand those wonderful things about you, it may be easier to deal with their treatment of you.

This doesn’t mean you should take abuse, only that a certain amount of understanding may be in order. Have faith that the amazing things about yourself will soon be realized by them as you interact with them more. However, if they ultimately don’t get it and continue to treat you badly, that’s their loss. They may never know the grand opportunity they missed to have a friend in you but that is not your concern. You are not required to go out of your way to prove yourself to anyone. If they give you their respect, they will soon know how great an ally you are. If not, just move on without ill will. They may find out later the opportunity they missed.

This card idea came from a legendary coat I have. When I was younger someone made me a coat of Halloween themed fabric. I still wear it every year, only in October to preserve it.  I absolutely love this coat and feel so great each time I wear it. I do not care what other people think of me in this coat. I know in my heart of hearts it is an awesome coat. I one day realized I wish I had more things in my life I felt this confident about, like myself for instance. 

When we can harness this level of inner confidence so many things go much more smoothly. I chose a shirt because that seemed more universal but it could be pants, a dress or a piece of jewelry. Whatever makes you feel good. You put it on and are filled with unshakeable confidence. You smile more because of how good you feel, and it would take something pretty awful to knock you out of your good feeling.

This card is a reminder to try to find this confidence within yourself and in whatever situation you are facing. Our perspective plays a big part in how things can go. If we can harness that confidence and good feeling we can transform bad situations into better ones. You can even spread that feeling to others!

*These are general meanings for these cards. I created them with the intent of letting my intuition come into the message they create. The message you receive may be slightly different if you choose to get a reading with me.

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Music Divination

Have you ever been going through something incredibly difficult in your life, and you get in your car, and the song on the radio is exactly what you needed to hear? Maybe, it wasn’t even the song but a particular line that popped out at you, that emerged from an otherwise silly song. I love it when that happens since I am an avid music fan. One day, I decided to try to ask for a message. I ended up developing this method to get requested guidance from my favorite music. Following this process, I have received great insight into some of the most harrowing situations in my life. Just to be clear, it doesn’t magically fix the situation, but it will provide you the clarity and perspective you have perhaps been missing or even dismissing. It’s also great if you are feeling a bit lost and want some insight, but nothing serious is going on. 

If you have a vast music library available to you on a digital player or a favorite radio station then I wanted to tell you how I do it, in case it could help you too. I call it music divination. If something is weighing heavily on my mind I will use this method to provide insight, and it’s a good excuse to relax to some of my favorite music, which in my opinion is a healing activity in and of itself. This is how I do it, but you can use whatever process you think will work best for you. Keep the music off until you get to step 3 for the best results:

  1. Figure out what you most want or need to know in reference to what is weighing on your mind. This most likely will not be an exact answer method, but more like receiving good advice and perspectives you never considered before. 
  2. Get yourself centered, calm, and receptive. Take a minute or two to breathe. Try to think of positive things like what you are grateful for in your life to raise your vibration. Once you feel relatively calm, ask about your issue. This statement may work well for you, but use whatever feels comfortable, “Please send me guidance through the music on/about X.”
  3. If you are using a playlist, put it on random, and start the music, or switch your radio to a station you like that plays songs you know. You could use songs you don’t know, but it may require more digging to get the message.
  4. Listen to the music that comes on, but also notice the way it makes you feel. There may be certain lines that stick out to you or just the energy of the music could bring you comfort and expansion to widen your perspective. Try not to over-analyze, focus more on being in a receptive state. It could just be the feeling the music stirs up in you that you need at that moment.
  5. You will most likely know when the message has been received. I usually get 1 to 2 songs but have gotten up to 3 songs that really provide the insight I needed. When you feel the message is done, try to recognize what lines/lyrics stuck out the most and the general feeling you got from the songs you heard. 

Here are a few additional tips that will make it work even better for you:

  1. It works best with songs you know- you don’t have to know the song word for word, but the more familiar you are the better you will be able to receive the message
  1. Don’t skip songs no matter how silly or out of place they seem- on our digital players we all have songs we don’t enjoy the way we used to or downloaded on a whim or because it was free. This doesn’t disqualify it from carrying a message for you.
  1. You can look up lyrics after if you don’t know them all but you probably won’t have to. In my experiences with this exercise the words you need to hear come through very clearly.
  1. If I turn on the radio and it is near the end of the song I don’t always take that as a message. I try to give some leeway for things that are already playing and listen out for the next song to start but it can happen that quickly sometimes so don’t dismiss or ignore it either.
  1. The worst result you could get if it doesn’t seem to work is that you listened to some music that you enjoyed and your mind got a mini-vacation from focusing on the problem at hand.

I believe that there are messages out there for us all the time, and asking for them is a good way to get them. I also believe that if there is something like music that you really connect with then use that to make the connection. If you give your guides an indication of what will work they are happy to use it. It may even increase instances of it happening randomly as well, once they know that is a good way to reach you. Ultimately though, don’t forget to just enjoy the music you love, and recognize its healing effect on your life.

**In order to prepare writing this article, I did my own experiment; though I have done this many times before, I wanted a fresh experience to draw from. I asked for general guidance, and the first song that came on was a Kool and The Gang song I had heard maybe once before. I believe it was called Let’s Go Dancing, this was the first album I downloaded on my new (at the time) MAC computer close to 20 years ago. It was a very happy go lucky song, generally celebratory, as Kool and The Gang tend to be, but this line stuck out to me (copied from online lyrics page) “Went down to the park

Everything was dark, oh, yeah, yeah, all of a sudden

On came the lights

And everything was feeling right”

I enjoyed the rest of the song, but I knew this was my message. I interpreted it as I may be feeling a little bit lost or in the dark on some things but soon the “lights” will come on and everything will become clear and feel right. It was just the message I needed! Give it a try and see what you come up with. If you feel comfortable, put a comment below with your results!

Why I love Practicing Reiki

When describing Reiki I tend to use words like gentle, subtle, relaxing because those are good words for it. It eases you into whatever you are seeking it for. When it’s for pain, the pain just kind of melts away. When it’s for confidence, it brings on a feeling of self love and security, you feel safe and comfortable somewhere you wouldn’t normally. When your seeking calm it’s more like a mellow feeling. The worries are still there, you don’t forget them entirely, they just don’t seem as big a deal. I like this because I know if the situation gets hairy, I haven’t completely lost myself. In fact, subduing that anxiety would help me act more clearly. 

It isn’t a zonked out feeling, though it does a handy job of getting me to sleep when that is its intention, but when I use it for clarity, confidence, focus or any of the other wakeful things I need to do I’m still me. I’m just better. 

On the occasion that I get to attend a Reiki share, this is when multiple Reiki practitioners take turns on the Reiki table while the rest of us give Reiki, I am absolutely blissful afterward. If I do it before work I get comments about what a good mood I am in that night. Almost nothing can break that mood. 

Sometimes I will set Reiki to activate later when I have an event happening. I love that it comes on so subtly for that, because rather than focusing on the Reiki feeling on top of everything else that might be happening, instead I just settle in to my surroundings and at some point realize the Reiki is at work. Usually that is when I am wondering why I’m not more nervous and think ‘Oh yeah, the Reiki!’. 

Reiki in my opinion possesses a quiet power, but don’t get me wrong, I have seen it do amazing things and I have heard amazing feedback from Reiki I have given to others. Through these experiences I have learned that it doesn’t have to be loud, obvious, or dramatic to know that it works. That all of us have the wisdom to use that energy in amazing and efficient ways. I say all of us because Reiki is driven by the higher self of whoever is receiving it. I may intend one thing but your body may know the greater cause of the problem and heal that instead. Ultimately the receiver is in control of how it works because who knows you better than you?

Reiki is a practice rooted in love. That is why I was drawn to learn it and that it why I continue to practice it. I can’t go to my friends work presentation, but I can send Reiki so that I know she will be confident while she gives it. I can’t go with my husband to his important appointment but I can send Reiki to help his travel there be safe and swift. I love that I can help situations that I wouldn’t have been able to before. I love that I can help others with this skill and I love seeing its amazing effects.

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Claircognizance: Focus on Knowing

This is the fourth and final piece in a four-part content series that will cover ways to play so you can focus and strengthen your Clairs.
In case you aren’t aware of the four Clairs, or want a bit more information about them, here is a quick rundown.

Clairsentience(CS), or clear feeling, is when you feel sensations or emotions from people or situations that give you information or insight.

Claircognizance(CC), or clear knowing, is when information pops in your head like a thought that provides knowledge or insight, but there is no way you could have known that information.

Clairvoyance(CV), or clear seeing, is when you see pictures, symbols, images, or even scenes in your head that tell you about a situation or person that gives you information or insight.

Clairaudience(CA), or clear hearing, is when you hear a word, song, or sound that gives you information or insight.

This episode is about Claircognizance, or clear knowing, which we will abbreviate as CC. CC is when information that you couldn’t possibly know pops into your head. It feels so subtle and so much like your own thoughts that most of the time you feel like you came up with the info simply by being very smart or wise. For me, I had no idea I even had this ability, until I randomly asked a woman at my work if she was pregnant, and she said yes but it was so early on she hadn’t told any coworkers yet. That’s a bit more than being very smart, as I don’t even have extensive medical training that might justify that knowledge in a tell-tale signs kind of way. I wasn’t even sure where that info came from, and I still don’t know why I blurted it out that way. Luckily we were alone when I did, and she wasn’t angry.

Most of what I have learned about CC and the ins and outs of it came after that event. This was what sort of prompted me to get serious about developing my abilities. I had, until this point, felt that CS was my strongest Clair, with some CV and CA present as well. I hadn’t even looked into CC all that much, to be honest. Part of the reason I hadn’t, I think, is because navigating the what-comes-from-you vs the guides can be especially tricky with this Clair. Think of it this way, when an investigation is happening, the police collect pictures and ask about what people heard and what they may have felt (the temperature at the time, weather, etc). They rarely want to know what you know, because you could say anything. In the legal system, that is called hearsay and is not allowed in courtrooms.

There is a great deal of confidence work that has to be done for most, for them to have faith in this ability, myself included. With this Clair, I feel, more than the others, your thoughts and feelings can be quite the intrusion. Something may pop in your head, and you’ll tell yourself, “no way that’s possible.” Sometimes the opposite happens, and you believe it 100%, and it turns out to be your hope operating at 11. I apologize, if so, far this seems very negative. That is not my intent at all. I believe that the more understanding you have, and truth you have, the better you will be able to use this ability to help you and others. Don’t forget, you can always do the double check with your guides when you have the time to get calm, focused, and centered.

This ability is pretty great, once you do learn how to use it and recognize it. When I do an energy reading for someone, so much information comes through from my guides, and so quickly, sometimes I can barely keep up. When I send the reading, and the recipient comments on the accuracy, it is very fulfilling, because, especially at first, you are pretty unsure of how you did. As I learned from my teacher, Rev. E.A. Kerty, this is a pretty natural after effect of this ability. She calls it the Clair-cog hangover. As you practice, that confidence builds, and you are more sure of the information you got, and the effect balances out. Even if you weren’t interested in developing this ability, we could all use more confidence in our lives. That may be one of the biggest things I have learned while developing this ability.

Time for exercises! This is more of a confidence-building exercise. For this exercise, you will need to find a quiet place so you can be calm, focused, and centered. Now, imagine yourself doing something you have always wanted to do, the big dream that you always had as a kid, even if you don’t have the ability currently. For instance, if you always wanted to be a musician, imagine yourself playing a huge show at a stadium or first chair in a symphony. Perhaps you are traveling somewhere you have always wanted to go. Imagine you set your mind to do that, and worked very hard to get there. This is the big moment you had worked toward. Bask in the glory, feel the fulfillment you get from seeing your hard work pay off. Even if it’s something within your current career that will work too, but dream big, with no limitations.

Imagine the confidence you would feel after such an experience. Let that feeling fill you up. Imagine taking pictures for the news, or magazines, or just with fans. If you wanted to be a scientist, imagine winning a Nobel Prize for the discovery you made. Bring your big dream into reality for these few moments, and enjoy its energy. Most of all, imagine that you always knew you would get there to that glorious moment. Don’t allow self-conscious or negative thoughts into your fantasy! If this is something you are still pursuing, it could help you get there. The sky’s the limit. It’s your fantasy, for now.

Another exercise you can try is while watching TV. A mystery or thriller would work best, but anything with a less than straightforward plotline should work. Watch for long enough to decipher the plot, then pause it. Map out in your head where you think it might be going, what might happen, who will do what, and write it all down. Even if you can’t guess the ending, see if you can figure out some of the things that will happen along the way. If something pops into your head during this, even if it seems unlikely, write it down. You may be surprised. Just take a few minutes. Then, continue watching and see how you did when it is over.

To test your CC abilities find somewhere to be calm, centered, and focused. Have a pen and paper handy, and, when you feel ready, ask in your head or out loud what is most important to focus on in your life right now. Once you’ve asked, write down whatever words or phrases come into your head like thoughts. You may only get random words, or you may get whole sentences. Don’t judge it as you go along. Just keep writing down whatever comes to mind. After your 5 minutes are up, get up and move around a bit, dance to your favorite song, or take a walk outside. Return to the notebook after, and read through what you wrote down, and see how that resonates with what is going on in your life. If you are familiar with spiritual practices, you may recognize this as automatic writing.

This is a way to receive messages from your guides or higher self. An important thing to remember is that, while your guides can be very straight forward, they will never insult you or be mean. So, if there are any statements like that, it may be that you weren’t focused enough, and perhaps you should try again later. That is most likely your ego, who is just trying to keep you safe in the best way it knows how. Unfortunately, we sometimes give our egos too much control when traumatic things happen, and that carries over when we are feeling more like ourselves again.

CC is a great and efficient ability, if you can get past the confidence challenges. It takes some work, for some, to find the right balance. Honestly, as I said before, we could all use some help with our confidence in general. In a world where so many things about us can be judged and analyzed, sometimes most harshly by ourselves, it takes some work to build faith in this ability. Once you have, though, it is a straightforward no-nonsense way to get the information you may need. Interpretation is less of an issue with this ability, but having the confidence and clarity to use it is crucial.

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Additional Thoughts on Clairaudience (CA) and growing your abilities

We have all seen and heard multiple stories and depictions about what CA is supposed to look like, or feel like and of course sound like. The truth of the matter is, it is different for different people. The other truth is that it can change and grow. You may hear it in your ear as an audible sound, and if so that is great. You may be one like me who hears it in their head 99% of the time, and that is great too. If you are a very social person and an audiophile, like I am, you may want this to be your strongest ability. This may be your perfect version of what a psychic ability would be. Having someone telling you the answers into your ear directly seems more tangible and believable. It may give you more faith in what you are receiving as being true. I don’t experience it this specific way, so unfortunately I can’t tell you whether this is true or not, but try not to forget that your ego, emotions, and interpretation can have an impact on any messages you receive. 

I am strongest in Claircognizance (CC) which has its own set of pitfalls which I will discuss in that future Focus piece. I have at times received messages when I was not deliberately tuned in to my guides and in hindsight was feeling pretty emotional, that felt very much like the ones I receive when I am tuned in and focused. I was sure it was true and then it wasn’t. It can be frustrating. Your feelings about a situation can influence how you interpret the message. This is why it is important to have focus. Meditate daily, even for 5 minutes. Get used to reaching that balanced, quiet part of your mind. It can be very hard at first but keep doing it and eventually you will find that quiet (or at least quieter) place in your mind. If you believe you have received a message at a random time when you weren’t focused on doing so, and feel unsure, you can check in with your guides to verify. Find a place to focus, calm, and center yourself and ask for verification.

As you go on and work with these abilities more, it will become easier to find that focus. That doesn’t mean you will reach perfection, there is always a chance you will misinterpret or not be able to get the connection you want, so patience is key. Have patience with yourself, and give yourself permission to make mistakes because you will learn from those experiences. Celebrate your successes, this will sow more success. Eventually you will find the balance that works for you, don’t lose faith in that. 

One of my favorite things about CA are those times when I am having a rough day, I am facing a difficult situation, and I am ready to give up, and I suddenly hear “Don’t Back Down” by Tom Petty play in my head or something similar. The supportive messages from our guides are so fulfilling and reassuring. Moments like that let us know that they always want us to reach our full potential and they are supporting us. Being able to help others with these abilities is an amazing feeling and one that keeps me on track with learning and growing but I also believe everyone should try it for themselves. Even if it is not your purpose or desire to do readings, just being connected for your own benefit is wonderful. It can remind us that the universe is supporting us to find and achieve our passion and purpose, whatever that may be.

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