Claircognizance: Focus on Knowing

This is the fourth and final piece in a four-part content series that will cover ways to play so you can focus and strengthen your Clairs.
In case you aren’t aware of the four Clairs, or want a bit more information about them, here is a quick rundown.

Clairsentience(CS), or clear feeling, is when you feel sensations or emotions from people or situations that give you information or insight.

Claircognizance(CC), or clear knowing, is when information pops in your head like a thought that provides knowledge or insight, but there is no way you could have known that information.

Clairvoyance(CV), or clear seeing, is when you see pictures, symbols, images, or even scenes in your head that tell you about a situation or person that gives you information or insight.

Clairaudience(CA), or clear hearing, is when you hear a word, song, or sound that gives you information or insight.

This episode is about Claircognizance, or clear knowing, which we will abbreviate as CC. CC is when information that you couldn’t possibly know pops into your head. It feels so subtle and so much like your own thoughts that most of the time you feel like you came up with the info simply by being very smart or wise. For me, I had no idea I even had this ability, until I randomly asked a woman at my work if she was pregnant, and she said yes but it was so early on she hadn’t told any coworkers yet. That’s a bit more than being very smart, as I don’t even have extensive medical training that might justify that knowledge in a tell-tale signs kind of way. I wasn’t even sure where that info came from, and I still don’t know why I blurted it out that way. Luckily we were alone when I did, and she wasn’t angry.

Most of what I have learned about CC and the ins and outs of it came after that event. This was what sort of prompted me to get serious about developing my abilities. I had, until this point, felt that CS was my strongest Clair, with some CV and CA present as well. I hadn’t even looked into CC all that much, to be honest. Part of the reason I hadn’t, I think, is because navigating the what-comes-from-you vs the guides can be especially tricky with this Clair. Think of it this way, when an investigation is happening, the police collect pictures and ask about what people heard and what they may have felt (the temperature at the time, weather, etc). They rarely want to know what you know, because you could say anything. In the legal system, that is called hearsay and is not allowed in courtrooms.

There is a great deal of confidence work that has to be done for most, for them to have faith in this ability, myself included. With this Clair, I feel, more than the others, your thoughts and feelings can be quite the intrusion. Something may pop in your head, and you’ll tell yourself, “no way that’s possible.” Sometimes the opposite happens, and you believe it 100%, and it turns out to be your hope operating at 11. I apologize, if so, far this seems very negative. That is not my intent at all. I believe that the more understanding you have, and truth you have, the better you will be able to use this ability to help you and others. Don’t forget, you can always do the double check with your guides when you have the time to get calm, focused, and centered.

This ability is pretty great, once you do learn how to use it and recognize it. When I do an energy reading for someone, so much information comes through from my guides, and so quickly, sometimes I can barely keep up. When I send the reading, and the recipient comments on the accuracy, it is very fulfilling, because, especially at first, you are pretty unsure of how you did. As I learned from my teacher, Rev. E.A. Kerty, this is a pretty natural after effect of this ability. She calls it the Clair-cog hangover. As you practice, that confidence builds, and you are more sure of the information you got, and the effect balances out. Even if you weren’t interested in developing this ability, we could all use more confidence in our lives. That may be one of the biggest things I have learned while developing this ability.

Time for exercises! This is more of a confidence-building exercise. For this exercise, you will need to find a quiet place so you can be calm, focused, and centered. Now, imagine yourself doing something you have always wanted to do, the big dream that you always had as a kid, even if you don’t have the ability currently. For instance, if you always wanted to be a musician, imagine yourself playing a huge show at a stadium or first chair in a symphony. Perhaps you are traveling somewhere you have always wanted to go. Imagine you set your mind to do that, and worked very hard to get there. This is the big moment you had worked toward. Bask in the glory, feel the fulfillment you get from seeing your hard work pay off. Even if it’s something within your current career that will work too, but dream big, with no limitations.

Imagine the confidence you would feel after such an experience. Let that feeling fill you up. Imagine taking pictures for the news, or magazines, or just with fans. If you wanted to be a scientist, imagine winning a Nobel Prize for the discovery you made. Bring your big dream into reality for these few moments, and enjoy its energy. Most of all, imagine that you always knew you would get there to that glorious moment. Don’t allow self-conscious or negative thoughts into your fantasy! If this is something you are still pursuing, it could help you get there. The sky’s the limit. It’s your fantasy, for now.

Another exercise you can try is while watching TV. A mystery or thriller would work best, but anything with a less than straightforward plotline should work. Watch for long enough to decipher the plot, then pause it. Map out in your head where you think it might be going, what might happen, who will do what, and write it all down. Even if you can’t guess the ending, see if you can figure out some of the things that will happen along the way. If something pops into your head during this, even if it seems unlikely, write it down. You may be surprised. Just take a few minutes. Then, continue watching and see how you did when it is over.

To test your CC abilities find somewhere to be calm, centered, and focused. Have a pen and paper handy, and, when you feel ready, ask in your head or out loud what is most important to focus on in your life right now. Once you’ve asked, write down whatever words or phrases come into your head like thoughts. You may only get random words, or you may get whole sentences. Don’t judge it as you go along. Just keep writing down whatever comes to mind. After your 5 minutes are up, get up and move around a bit, dance to your favorite song, or take a walk outside. Return to the notebook after, and read through what you wrote down, and see how that resonates with what is going on in your life. If you are familiar with spiritual practices, you may recognize this as automatic writing.

This is a way to receive messages from your guides or higher self. An important thing to remember is that, while your guides can be very straight forward, they will never insult you or be mean. So, if there are any statements like that, it may be that you weren’t focused enough, and perhaps you should try again later. That is most likely your ego, who is just trying to keep you safe in the best way it knows how. Unfortunately, we sometimes give our egos too much control when traumatic things happen, and that carries over when we are feeling more like ourselves again.

CC is a great and efficient ability, if you can get past the confidence challenges. It takes some work, for some, to find the right balance. Honestly, as I said before, we could all use some help with our confidence in general. In a world where so many things about us can be judged and analyzed, sometimes most harshly by ourselves, it takes some work to build faith in this ability. Once you have, though, it is a straightforward no-nonsense way to get the information you may need. Interpretation is less of an issue with this ability, but having the confidence and clarity to use it is crucial.

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